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silvery puppy of a Thai ridgeback dog with a green tape on a green background

On a photo: Puppy of a Thai ridgeback dog

FCI Standard of breed Thai ridgeback dog No. 338 (25. 02. 2004)






Hunting dog and dog partner


Group 5. Spitz-dogs and primitive dogs
Section 7. Primitive hunting dogs.


Without working tests.

SHORT HISTORICAL SUMMARY : The Thai ridgeback dog is ancient breed. These dogs are mentioned in ancient archaeological documents of Thailand which are nearly 360 years old. Thai ridgeback dogs in east part of Thailand were used generally for hunting. In addition, they accompanied vehicles and were used by people as sentry dogs. The reasons for which the breed kept the primitive type for so many years – undeveloped transport connection with the East of Thailand why the krossbriding with other breeds was hardly possible.

GENERAL IMPRESSION : A dog of the average size with short wool which along a back forms "ridge" (a crest from wool). Length of the case is slightly more than height in withers. Muscles are well developed, the constitution allows any activity.


Case/Height length in withers = 11:10

Breast/Height depth in withers = 1:2

BEHAVIOUR / CHARACTER : The strong and quick dog, perfectly jumps. Devoted family dog.



Skull : Flat between ears, slightly roundish at survey sideways.

Forehead : When the dog pricks up the ears, wrinkles appear.

Stop : It is distinctly noticeable, but expressed moderately.


Nose : Black. At dogs with blue wool a nose bluish .

Nose back : Direct and long.

Muzzle : In the form of a wedge, is slightly shorter than a cranial part of the head .

Lips : Skintight, are well pigmented.

Mouth : Language with black spots is preferable.

Jaws : Upper and lower jaws strong .

Teeth : White and strong, nozhnitseobrazny bite.

Eyes : Average size, almond-shaped. Dark brown. Dogs with blue wool can have eyes of color of amber.

Ears : Skulls are located on each side. The average size, triangular are inclined forward, strong standing. Not stopped.

NECK : Average length, strong, brawny, it is slightly curved, a high postav.


Back : Strong and direct.

Waist : Strong and wide.

Croup : Moderately inclined .

Breast: Rather deep, reaches elbows. Edges are well curved, but not a barrel-shaped form.

Line of a bottom and stomach : The stomach is well tightened.

TAIL : Thick at the basis, gradually narrowed by the end, on length can reach skakatelny joints. The tail is slightly bent and keeps vertically up .



Shovels : Are slantwise put, directed back.

Forearms : Straight lines.

Pyasti : At survey in front straight lines, at survey sideways slightly inclined.

Forepaws : Oval.

Claws : Black, but can be lighter depending on color of wool.


Hips : Are well developed, with well expressed corners of knee joints.

Skakatelny joints : Strong and low located.

Insteps : At survey behind direct and parallel.

Hinder legs : Oval .

GAITS/MOVEMENTS : the Step long, at the same time the case is not shaken neither up, nor down, nor in the parties. At a normal speed of the movement of an extremity are parallel. At survey in front front extremities move on a straight line forward and back so that shoulder, elbow joints and pyast lie approximately in one plane. At survey behind knee and skakatelny joints are located approximately on one imagined vertical line. Movements are rectilinear, paws are not developed neither inside, nor outside, the step turns out spacious, with a powerful push. Movements have to be in general rhythmical, balanced and harmonious.

SKIN : Soft and thin, skintight, not forming a suspension on a throat .


Wool : Short and smooth. The ridge (a crest from wool) is formed on the top part of the building of the hair growing in the direction, opposite to other wool, a ridge has to stand out clearly against the background of other wool. Ridge is a different form and length, but he has to be symmetrized on both sides of a spine column and should not pass to sides. Wool curls on the front end of a ridge are allowed by .

Color : Continuous: red, black, blue and very light pale-yellow ("isabella") red it is preferable with a black mask.

SIZES : Ideal height in withers:

Dogs: 22 — 24 inches (56 — 61 cm)

Boughs: 20 — 22 inches (51 — 56 cm).

Deviations plus or minus one inch (2.5 cm) are allowed.

SHORTCOMINGS/DEFECTS : Any deviation from above-mentioned provisions should be considered as shortcoming/defect, and gravity with which this shortcoming / defect has to be estimated, has to correspond in proportion to degree of its expressiveness and also its influence on health and wellbeing of a dog.

— Any other bite, except nozhnitseobrazny.

— Uneven ridge.


— Aggression or cowardice .

— Dogs without ridge.

— Long wool.

Any dog who is obviously showing physical or behavioural deviations has to be disqualified.

Note : Dogs have to have two obviously normal testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.

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