• Dec 3, 2019

Feeding American bulls and does not present to special complexity for the owner as practically does not differ from of feeding of other dogs .

 American to the bull lies on a photo bed On a photo: American to the bull

How many once a day to feed American to the bull

The number of feedings in day depends on age American to the bull.

Age American to the bull

the Number of feedings in day

of 2 — 6 months

5 — 6

of 6 — 12 months

3 — 4

12 months Are more senior than


with What to feed American to the bull

It is possible to feed American to the bull with both a dry feed, and natural products.

It is important that the diet American to the bull included all necessary. Therefore if you choose natural food, most likely, the bull needs to add vitamin complexes to a diet. However before to do it, it is worth consulting with the veterinarian.

When feeding American to the bull "naturalkoy" a diet basis – meat (low-fat), but consider that pork cannot be given. It is the best of all to feed American to the bull with boiled beef.

American to the bull include porridges in a diet (buckwheat or rice).

Fermented milk products are necessary for a dog, however it is worth observing a measure – to feed with them not more often than 3 times a week. It can be low-fat cottage cheese or curdled milk.

Also American the bull is given fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you choose by
a dry feed for American to the bull, give preference of products a premium or a superpremium class. Consider age of a dog, level of activity and work which she performs. The correct high-quality feeding and competent — guarantee of strong health American to the bull . Read also about care of American to the bull .

 American to the bull on walk of a photo On a photo: American the bull
Read more information on breed American to the bull in our article "Breed of dog American the bull" .

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