• Jan 17, 2020

the Question "as it is correct to feed a puppy huskies" needs to be solved still before the puppy appears in your house. Healthy nutrition — guarantee of good health huskies . The power supply system of dogs differs from human therefore to feed huskies with waste from a table – not the best choice.

you can choose by
for feeding huskies a dry feed or natural food .

the General rules of feeding huskies are similar to to rules of feeding any other dog.

However is the features characteristic of this breed. They need to be considered.
 Feeding photo huskies
On a photo: feeding huskies

1. Feeding of puppies huskies of 1 month from a sort is carried out 5 — 6 times a day. Gradually the number of feedings reduce, increasing a portion. the 7-month-old puppy can be fed twice a day. It is better not to feed a dog at night.

2. If you choose "naturalka", your task — to determine the daily volume of a diet. For this purpose it is possible to use the following formula:

Weight huskies Daily need for food Daily volume of a diet huskies
16 kg 2% of weight huskies 320 гр.
28 kg 560 гр.
However consider
that it is approximate calculation. Take into account a way of life huskies, activity level, fatness.

3. Meat at natural feeding huskies has to make not less than 50% of a diet. Respectively, if the dog consumes 400 гр. food in day, 200 гр. has to make meat.

4. If you want to treat huskies with something special — choose dry prunes or dried apricots. Stones should be taken out previously.

5. Before trips and physical occupations it is not necessary to feed huskies — that there was no zavorot of a stomach or vomiting.

6. Regularly check a condition of the pet to be convinced that he does not starve, but also does not overeat.

7. Pregnant it is desirable for to transfer huskies to a forage for feeding a bough (if you feed with a dry feed) if you prefer "naturalka" — revise balance of a diet, having consulted to the veterinarian.

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