• Jan 18, 2021

At this age puppies usually move from the manufacturer to the owner. And it is very important to last to know features of feeding 2-month-old puppy to make everything it is correct. How to organize feeding 2-month-old puppy?

Puppies a Black and Pale-yellow Labrador Eat a Photo
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Правила feedings of a 2-month-old puppy

  1. In the beginning you feed a puppy with what he ate at the manufacturer.
  2. Food has to be room temperature (not cold and not hot).
  3. All changes are entered into a diet gradually.
  4. If the puppy did not eat up a portion, the bowl cleans up.
  5. Water (clean and fresh) always has to be in free access.
  6. 2-month-old the puppy is fed by 5 – 6 times a day (not less).
What to feed with

a 2-month-old puppy

the 2-month-old puppy can be fed with natural products or a dry feed.

If you choose natural feeding of a 2-month-old puppy, a diet basis has to make meat. It is possible to add vegetables. It is occasionally possible to give boiled eggs (is not more often than 1 time a week).

If you choose a dry feed, stop on products a premium or superpremium class for puppies. Be guided by the size of a dog. Norm feedings is defined, proceeding from the recommendations of the producer on packing.

with What cannot feed a 2-month-old puppy

  1. Sausage, sausages.
  2. Sweets, fancy bread, chocolate.
  3. Bean.
  4. Cabbage.
  5. Grapes and raisin.
  6. Onions.
  7. Salty food.
  8. Fried and to smoked.

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