• Dec 10, 2019
Feeding of a basenji plays a large role in maintenance of health of a dog.
the Main rule of feeding of a basenji — not to overfeed. Edges have to be probed, but not be looked through. If edges stick out — the pet eats insufficiently if edges cannot be probed — the diet is necessary.
 the Basenji of a photo with It is important to feed correctly a basenji
Can choose a dry feed for a basenji . In this case stop on a premium or a superpremium class. Also follow instructions of the manufacturer on packing.

If you prefer to
a natural diet for a basenji , it has to be balanced. Necessary products:
  • crude meat (low-fat beef, a bird — without bones),
  • porridges,
  • vegetables,
  • fruit (not sour),
  • greens,
  • vegetable oil,
  • boiled eggs (it is no more than 1 time in a week),
  • fermented milk products.
of the Bowl have to stand in the specially allotted place. Feeding is carried out at the same time.
Clear water has to be in continuous access.
Categorically it is impossible to give a basenji :
  • waste from a table,
  • sweets,
  • fish and tubular bones,
  • fried,
  • fat,
  • pork,
  • farinaceous food,
  • any spoiled or stale products.

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