• Dec 10, 2019
is important to provide to a basset hound balance between full feeding and physical activities. Dogs citizens often move a little, and it is a direct way to obesity. Excess weight, in turn, leads to problems with a backbone and extremities.
 the Three-colored basset hound Think over
, than you will feed a basset hound, even before his emergence at your place. Ask the manufacturer, than kids ate. At first it is necessary to adhere to the same scheme. To other type of food the dog is transferred gradually.

it is impossible to be guided By appetite of a basset hound – it is inclined to overeating.

Natural feeding of a basset hound

If you prefer to natural feeding of a basset hound , stop on the following products:
  • low-fat meat (crude or boiled, it is better to choose veal or beef),
  • skim cheese,
  • kefir,
  • to fermented baked milk,
  • vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, vegetable marrows, cabbage),
  • to porridge (rice, buckwheat or porridge).
From 2 months can give boiled eggs (no more than 2 pieces a week).

can give Boiled sea fish without bones to a puppy of a basset 3 months are more senior. It is possible to replace with it meat twice a week.

can add vitamin and mineral fertilizing To a diet, however previously consult with the veterinarian.

It is impossible to give to a basset hound

  • potatoes,
  • radish,
  • peas,
  • bean,
  • pork,
  • waste from your table,
  • sweet,
  • salty,
  • smoked,
  • fried and fat,
  • the spoiled products.

the Dry feed for a basset hound

If you choose by
a dry feed for a basset hound , stop on sterns a premium and a superpremium class. Attentively read the instruction on packing.

do not mix the Dry feed and natural food.

Feeding has to be regular, always at the same time, portions – identical on volume. It is better to feed a dog after training or walk.

Clear water has to be in continuous access.

Frequency of feeding of a basset hound

Age of a basset hound
the Number of feedings in day
Up to 2 months
2 – 3 months
of 4 - 6 months
of 6 - 12 months
1 years Are more senior than

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