• Dec 11, 2019
Feeding of a bobtail – a question responsible, and it it is necessary to solve before the dog appears in your house. At first adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer. All changes are entered into a diet gradually.
 the Bobtail a dog On a photo: a dog of breed a bobtail
Sometimes, that the appetite of a bobtail disappears or is broken. Do not panic. Establish the reason and do not force a dog there is that she does not want.

the bobtail has to have 2 bowls: for water and food. And clear water has to be always available. Bowls have to be clean.

Feed with
a bobtail at the same time.

is the best of all to adhere to a constant diet which suits your dog.

How many once a day to feed a bobtail?

the Number of feedings in day depends on age of a bobtail.

Age of a bobtail
the Number of feedings in day
Up to 2 months
2 – 4 months
of 4 - 7 months
7 months Are more senior than

with What to feed a bobtail?

the Basis of a diet of a bobtail at natural food has to make protein: meat, fish, curdled milk, kefir and cottage cheese. Meat is given crude and cut on pieces. Fish is given sea, without bones.

Also in a diet has to be enough vitamins, minerals, mineral substances and fats (not refined vegetable oil).

the Source of carbohydrates – grain (rice, buckwheat, oat-flakes).

Give to dogs crude vegetables and fruit.

Amount of meat in day can be counted on the following formula:

Age of a bobtail
Amount of meat in day
Puppy of a bobtail
of 25 - 30 g on 1 kg of weight of a dog
Adult bobtail
of 20 g on 1 kg of weight of a dog
That is if the bobtail weighs 35 kg, to it is necessary for 700 g of meat a day.
Meat makes ½ daily diets of a bobtail.
If you prefer to
a dry feed, choose a premium or a superpremium class from the known and checked producers. Be guided by age, the size and level of activity of a bobtail.
do not overfeed with
a bobtail – it can be the cause of problems with the musculoskeletal device.
Growth of a dog depends on the genetic program, but not on feeding so you should not stuff too diligently a dog with food, dreaming to grow up larger pet – to these you only do much harm. Edges at a bobtail have to be probed.
Remember that there are products which cannot give to dogs .

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