• Jan 9, 2020

Correct feeding of German shepherds

in 1985 professor of school of veterinary science Alfora (France) R. Voltaire developed 10 precepts of the correct feeding. They are relevant and today.
 the German shepherd of a photo On a photo: German shepherd
  1. Drinking fresh water has to be in free access. Consider that the feeding boughs, working dogs and also during a heat all dogs drink more.
  2. a Transfer on other forage is made gradually. It can take week – so much time is required for reorganization to intestinal microflora.
  3. Feeding has to be regular. Every day, in at one time and in one place, from the same bowl. The quantity of a forage is defined individually and depends on a condition of a dog, can be revised.
  4. Control of amount of food. Consider the mode of life of a dog and caloric content of forages. Every time is the best of all to weigh portions. In process of growth the volume of a diet changes.
  5. Balanced feeding. Food has to contain all necessary ingredients in the correct proportions.
  6. Careful choice of a forage. Main criteria three: age of the pet, level of activity and size.
  7. Observance of rules of feeding. If you feed with dry feeds – follow the recommendations of the producer. You do not feed a dog with waste from the table.
  8. Respect for hygiene. Open canned food and the defrozen forage are stored in the cold place, and croquets – in dry. The unfinished forage is thrown out. The bowl washes daily.
  9. you Watch the state of health of the pet. Changes of weight, quality of wool, the nature of excrement, existence/lack of appetite and activity – certificates of as far as your dog suits the diet chosen by you.
  10. If it is necessary, consult with the veterinarian. Deterioration in appetite, excess weight or weight loss, a lock or diarrhea, concern – a reason for medical examination.
Exist hardy, but dangerous myths concerning feeding of dogs .
  • One day a week the dog should hunger. It can be economic for the owner, but will have an adverse effect on health of a dog.
  • the Hungry dog will better work. It's not true. Long ago proved that for the occupations demanding endurance it is better to feed a dog – approximately in 2 hours prior to start.
  • It is possible to feed a dog with the same that is eaten by us. A lie – at dogs absolutely other needs for food!
  • the Dog needs a variety in a diet. No. Change of conditions of feeding or type of forages can lead to digestion violation. A variety is admissible only within relatives on structure of forages.
  • Dry feeds demand addition of meat. It's not true. Good dry feeds include all necessary therefore any additives break balance and can negatively affect health of a dog.
  • Addition of calcium will promote a raising of ears. It is unlikely. The shape of ears is defined by a condition of cartilaginous tissue which calcium does not influence in any way.
What to prefer: dry feeds, natural or their combination?

Feeding of a German shepherd dry feed

Industrial forages can be stored long, it is easy to take them in trips. But dry feeds are different. Many veterinarians do not advise to give to animals a dry feed of economy class as it can do much harm to health. It is better to choose a dry feed of a super-premium class for a German shepherd. Anyway, such type of feeding demands continuous access to water and strict observance of norms.

the Diet of feeding of a German shepherd at natural food

Preparation of a natural forage demands considerable time expenditure, but many prefer this option as healthier.
Two thirds of a diet of feeding of a German shepherd in this case has to make meat – a protein source. It is possible to give small cut crude or boiled meat. Forcemeat is acquired badly. Choose usually beef or low-fat mutton. An offal is given only boiled.
If you include
in a diet of feeding of a German shepherd of a bone, avoid boiled and tubular. The first are fraught with locks, the second can wound a stomach.
Replacing meat with fish, it is necessary to consider what it is required one and a half times more. Fish clean from bones. She can be given once a week.
Can include boiled eggs or crude yolks in a diet of a German shepherd.
Also kefir, cottage cheese or curdled milk give to German shepherds
. Milk – the forbidden product.
of Kashi: buckwheat, rice or millet.
needs to give to the German shepherd hondroprotektor and vitamins. Consult with the veterinarian, he will help to pick up the necessary structure.

It is impossible to give to a German shepherd:

  • stale products,
  • spices,
  • hot or cold food,
  • bad water,
  • yachnevy or other "sticky" porridge,
  • boiled potatoes,
  • pork,
  • chocolate,
  • candies and other sweets.

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