• Dec 18, 2019
 the Belgian griffon, pti-brabanson, the griffon eats
On a photo: dogs of breed griffon
Feeding of a griffon – a question responsible. It needs to be solved still before the puppy appears in your house.
For feeding of a griffon are fair the general rules of feeding of dogs .
However is the features of feeding characteristic only of griffons.
1. The puppy of a griffon eats more often than an adult dog.

How often to feed a griffon?

Age of a griffon How many once a day to feed with a griffon?
Puppies up to 3 months 5 times a day
Puppies of 3 — 6 months 4 times a day
Puppies of 6 — 12 months 3 times a day
Dogs are more senior than 12 months It is possible to pass to 2-hrazovy food

But many prefer to feed with
the pet 3 times a day — it is more useful to a gastrointestinal tract.

Thrice feeding is obligatory for griffons 8 years are more senior.

What to feed with

a griffon?

2. If you prefer to feed a griffon with a dry feed , choose a special forage for decorative breeds.
3. The maintenance of a protein in a dry feed for a griffon should not exceed 26% (for an adult dog) or 30% (for a puppy).
4. Calcium in a dry feed has to be 20% more, than phosphorus.
5. Adhere to the instruction of the manufacturer on packing. Puppies, perhaps, will need the additional medicines containing calcium – consult on this matter with the veterinarian.
6. At griffons a gentle stomach therefore it is necessary to choose exclusively qualitative and fresh products. Any oversight can pour out in a disease.
7. If you choose natural food , then the amount of meat (beef, a turkey, chicken) has to be at least 30 — 40% of a diet.
8. 30% of a diet of a griffon at natural food have to make vegetables and porridges (rice, buckwheat).
9. Vegetables are given to a griffon crude or stewed.

What to consider, making a diet for feeding of a griffon?

10. At the small size griffons have heavy and strong frame. It should be considered, making a diet. The size of portions and caloric content will depend on fatness, age and activity of the pet.

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