• Jan 13, 2020
Feeding of a poodle is a question responsible. It needs to be solved still before the puppy appears in your house. The power supply system of dogs differs from human therefore to feed a poodle with waste from a table — not the best choice.
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in general feeding of a poodle is similar to feeding of other breeds of dog . However there are features which need to be considered.
1. Right choice of a forage. Consider a way of life of a dog ("sofa", the athlete or exhibition), mobility (quiet or active). Food of adult dogs also differs from food of puppies. Depending on it the players of a forage are changed.
2. If you the supporter of "naturalka", it is necessary to calculate the volume of a daily diet of a poodle correctly. For this purpose it is possible to be guided by the following formula:

Weight of a poodle Daily need for food Daily volume of a diet of a poodle
6 kg 2 — 3% of the weight of a poodle 120 — 180 гр
10 kg 200 — 300 гр
15 kg 300 — 450 гр
20 kg 400 — 600 гр
25 kg 500 — 750 гр
30 kg 600 — 900 гр

However in each case be guided by a way of life of a poodle, activity level, fatness. If the poodle grows thin, the portion is increased if gets fat — reduce.
2. If you stopped the choice on natural feeding a poodle, remember that meat is given to a poodle daily, it is desirable crude. On too small pieces it is not recommended to cut it. 1 — 2 time a week it is possible to replace meat with crude sea fish, however previously remove from her all bones.
3. If at a poodle of a problem with digestion or he carried a disease, it is better to cook meat.
4. At natural feeding of a poodle surely give to a dog porridge (rice, buckwheat, occasionally — porridge).
5. Vegetables (beet, carrots, pumpkin, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage in moderate quantities) at natural food are given to a poodle daily. They need to be grated or to cut and fill small with cod-liver oil.
6. Eggs are only given to a poodle boiled (1 piece of 1 — 2 time a week).
7. Poodles sometimes suffer from an allergy. Therefore at introduction of a new forage or new dishes begin with a small amount and you watch closely a condition of the pet. If the allergy nevertheless developed, serially exclude suspicious products from a diet to reveal allergen. Sometimes transfer of a poodle to an antiallergenic dry feed becomes the best exit.
8. Owing to features of the building it is inconvenient to poodle to eat from a floor therefore place bowls on a special support — at the level of a breast.

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