• Jan 6, 2021

aged up to 1 month puppies most often are at the manufacturer also eat generally mother's milk. But during this period important, that food was full. That the correct feeding of a puppy up to 1 month means and how to organize it?

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How to understand, whether the correct feeding of a puppy up to 1 month

To understand whether full feeding is received by puppies up to 1 month, them it is necessary to weigh every day, it is better before food and at the same time. To distinguish kids, to them on a neck tie multi-colored woolen threads. Results of weighing should be written down.

The first day puppies sometimes do not gain weight, however if stable additional weight is not present also in the next days, it has to be an occasion to check whether it is good their bough feeds.

of Feature of feeding of a puppy up to 1 month

The correct feeding of puppies up to 1 month means that all of them are always are full. So you watch that strong puppies did not prevent to eat weak.

If the puppy badly gains weight or loses it, it needs fertilizing. The artificial feeding up can include "help" another boughs – wet nurses or use of mixes. However mix needs to be chosen correctly. Baby food up to 1 month will not be suitable for feeding of a puppy. It is important that on structure mix corresponded to milk boughs.

Puppies up to 1 month are fed by each 2 – 3 hours, and after feeding mass tummy.

The correct feeding of a puppy up to 1 month depends on feeding of mother. If she undereats, and fully is not able to feed cubs.

If at boughs there is enough milk, it is better to begin a feeding up of puppies not earlier, than they will open eyes. Begin with 1 time a day and gradually increase quantity portions. It is worth accustoming a puppy up to 1 month to different products, however is not necessary to enter more than 1 new products a day.

By 1 month puppies eat about 6 times a day through equal intervals.

Surely give to kids clear drinking water.

If feeding of a puppy up to 1 month takes place correctly, he gains the weight characteristic of this breed.

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