• Dec 16, 2019
the Question " how to feed a veymaraner " very responsible. It needs to be solved still before the puppy appears in your house. The power supply system of dogs differs from human therefore to feed a weimaraner with waste from a table – not the best choice.
 How to feed a veymaraner of a photo

In general, rules of feeding of a veymaraner are similar to rules of feeding all dogs. However there are features characteristic only of weimaraners.

1. The hunter or the athlete has to receive more high-calorie food, than just a pet. Consider a way of life of a dog, activity level, age and fatness as at the choice of a dry feed , and when calculating a diet at natural feeding.

2. If you choose for feeding of a veymaraner natural food , consider that the weimaraner needs more food, than to representatives of other breeds of the same weight. It is caused by very short wool which complicates thermal control, and the accelerated metabolism.

Age of a weimaraner Daily volume of food
Puppy of a veymaraner Not less than 1 liter
Adult veymaraner 1.5 — 2 kg (or 2 — 2.5 liters)
However these calculations of a diet for feeding of a veymaraner approximate. In each case it is necessary to be guided by a state and health of a dog. For example, if the veymaraner grows thin, the volume of food should be increased. If gets fat — respectively, to reduce.

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