• Dec 17, 2019
Feeding of a Welsh Corgi — the responsible question, depends on it health of the pet. Before you bring a puppy of a Welsh Corgi home, be defined, than you will feed him. Ask the manufacturer on a diet of kids and at first adhere to the same scheme. All changes are entered gradually, with a careful eye to reaction of an organism.
 the Welsh Corgi of a photo On a photo: Welsh Corgi
that it is more convenient to you: natural food or dry feed.

the Dry feed for a Welsh Corgi

the Dry feed a premium and a superpremium class – the balanced food in which there are all necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Choose it proceeding from age of a Welsh Corgi, the size and level of activity. This type of feeding is convenient, you should not potter every day at a plate.

Natural food of a Welsh Corgi

to Supporters of natural dishes should remembering that meat and vegetables (carrots, vegetable marrows, beet) are given crude. Meat has to make 60 – 70% of a diet. An offal and boiled sea fish is useful. Also the dog is given fermented milk products, porridge (rice or buckwheat), boiled eggs, a sea cabbage, olive or sunflower oil.

It is necessary to try to make the balanced diet and to pick up fertilizing. Consultation with the veterinarian will be not superfluous. Improper feeding is fraught with rickets or obesity, problems with digestion and wool.

Rules of feeding of a Welsh Corgi

  1. Provide a Welsh Corgi continuous access to water.
  2. do not leave for a long time in a bowl food. If in 15 minutes the portion is not eaten up, remove it.
  3. Feed a Welsh Corgi after the trainings and walks.

How many once a day to feed a Welsh Corgi

the Number of feedings depends on age of a Welsh Corgi.

Age of a Welsh Corgi
the Number of feedings in day
2 – 4 months
of 4 - 6 months
of 6 - 8 months
8 months Are more senior than

with What it is impossible to feed a Welsh Corgi

  • Kostya (especially tubular and boiled),
  • crude river fish,
  • chocolate and other sweets,
  • fresh-killed meat,
  • crude river fish,
  • seasonings, spices,
  • salt,
  • fat,
  • fried,
  • smoked,
  • pork,
  • waste from your table,
  • and also any spoiled and low-quality products.
of the Welsh Corgi – big fans to eat. If the pet refuses food – perhaps, he badly feels. Consult with the veterinarian.
do not overfeed with
a Welsh Corgi.

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