• Dec 10, 2019
Feeding of a white Swiss sheep-dog has huge value. The white Swiss sheep-dog who is fed correctly has good appetite and brilliant wool without dandruff. Edges at a white Swiss sheep-dog should not "appear through", however the dog should not be and fat. But it is better for puppy to be thinner, than adult dogs not to create excess load of joints and cartilaginous tissue.
 the Puppy of a white Swiss sheep-dog On a photo: a white Swiss sheep-dog (puppy)
the Weight of a white Swiss sheep-dog has to be stable. If your pet grows thin, so a stern insufficiently. If gets fat – the diet should be cut down.

Feeding of a white Swiss sheep-dog: "naturalka" or dry feed?

can feed the White Swiss sheep-dog with both natural food, and a dry feed.

When feeding a white Swiss sheep-dog "naturalky" food has to have room temperature, to be not too dense, but also not liquid (approximately as dense soup). Feed a dog at the same time.

Clear fresh water has to be in continuous access. Some owners limit a puppy in water, expecting that he will make less pools. This dangerous delusion, thus you can do harm to health of the pet only.
If you prefer to a dry feed for a white Swiss sheep-dog , it is necessary to pick up it correctly. Even the most expensive brand does not give a guarantee that it will suit your dog. Therefore it is worth beginning with small packages of a forage. Track whether there is no allergy what condition of wool, as far as is pleasant to a dog this forage. If everything is good – means, you found what is necessary.

How many once a day to feed a white Swiss sheep-dog?

The number of feedings depends on age of a white Swiss sheep-dog.

Age of a white Swiss sheep-dog

How many once a day to feed with

Up to 2 months

of 5 times

2 – 4 months

4 times

of 4 - 6 months

3 times

6 months Are more senior than

2 times

If after feeding in a bowl remains food, surely move away her in 15 minutes.

with What to feed a white Swiss sheep-dog at natural food?

At natural feeding is important to balance a diet of a white Swiss sheep-dog.
  1. Meat (mutton or beef) – the most part of a diet. It is possible to give to crude.
  2. Vegetables – are given in limited quantity. It is possible to add sunflower oil.
  3. Porridge (it is possible to mix rice, buckwheat and porridge in a proportion of 70% x 15% x 15%).
  4. Cottage cheese (not fat and not sweet).
  5. Kefir (not fat).
  6. Eggs (a crude yolk or boiled entirely) – no more than 2 times a week.
  7. Sea fish (to puppies 5 months and to adult dogs are more senior).
to you, most likely, vitamins will be necessary for
At natural feeding of a white Swiss sheep-dog. However it is worth buying them after consultation with the veterinarian.
New products are entered into a diet gradually.

to understand whether correctly you feed a dog, it is regularly possible to do blood test (biochemistry).

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