• Dec 10, 2019

Feeding of an affenpinscher – a question serious, and it it is necessary to solve before the puppy appears at your place. At first adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Changes are entered into a diet gradually.

 the Affenpinscher goes on a photo grass

On a photo: affenpinscher. Photo source: https://www.petwave.com

An affenpinscher – an active and mobile dog therefore and she does not complain of appetite. However it is extremely undesirable to overfeed her as excess weight badly affects health of a dog.

is suitable For feeding of an affenpinscher both a dry feed, and natural food.

If you choose a dry feed, stop on products a premium or a superpremium class. Consider age of the pet and level of its activity, observe the recommendations of the producer on packing.

If you adhere to natural food, meat has to make the main part of a diet of an affenpinscher (but not pork). The amount of meat when feeding an affenpinscher has to be 2 – 3% of the weight of a dog.

There are products which need to be avoided when feeding an affenpinscher. Treat them:

  • Any greasy food as it can lead to development of diseases of a pancreas and liver in an affenpinscher.
  • Kostya – their nutritional value is doubtful, and problems can be much.
  • Chocolate and other sweets.
  • Svinina.
  • Bean.
  • Tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages.
  • Any low-quality products.

The number of feedings in day depends on age of an affenpinscher.

Age of an affenpinscher

the Number of feedings in day

2 – 3 months

of 5 - 6 times

of 4 - 5 months

4 times

of 6 - 9 months

3 times

9 months Are more senior than

2 – 3 times

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