• Dec 4, 2019
Feeding of an amstaff is a question responsible. It needs to be solved still before the puppy appears in your house.
the Power supply system of dogs differs from human therefore to feed an amstaff with waste from a table – not the best choice. the General rules of feeding of dogs are fair also for feeding of the American Staffordshire terrier.
However is the features inherent in this breed. They need to be considered by drawing up a diet.

General principles of feeding of an amstaff (American Staffordshire terrier)

1. The puppy eats more often than an adult dog.

Age of an amstaff Number of feedings in day
Puppies up to 3 months 5 — 6 times
3 — 6 months 4 times
6 — 9 months 3 times
9 months Are more senior 2 times

2. You can choose for the American Staffordshire terrier a dry feed or natural food . In the first case when choosing a forage consider a way of life of a dog and also her activity and age. The pet and the athlete eat differently.
3. The American Staffordshire terriers — big fans to eat. So usually do not suffer from lack of appetite. If the dog does not eat — perhaps, she badly feels?
4. Feed the American Staffordshire terrier after walk. The gorged-on dog is not capable of feats: will quickly be tired and will want to sleep.
5. The bowl is put on a support which height is increased according to growth of a dog.

Natural feeding of an amstaff

1. At natural food your first task — it is correct to calculate the daily need for food. It is quite simple to make it.

Weight of a dog Daily need for food food Volume
of 25 kg 2 — 3% of the weight of a dog 500 — 750 гр
30 kg 600 — 900 гр

2. Consider a way of life, age, activity and loads of your pet. If your American Staffordshire terrier grows thin or gets fat, respectively, increase or reduce a portion.
3. Daily give to the American Staffordshire terrier meat. It has to make 1/3 diets. That is, if your pet eats 900 гр food in day, гр meat has to make about 300. Give it crude. On small pieces it is better not to cut.
4. Two-three times a week are given to an amstaff together with porridge or soup 100 — 150 гр. meat and bone meal.
5. Vegetables are given to the American Staffordshire terrier crude. They can be rasped previously.

the Dry feed for an amstaff

1. If you choose a dry feed, calculate caloric content. A formula for calculation: 1300 kcal on 20 kg of weight of a dog. At intensive physical activities caloric content increases by 10 — 15%.
2. On 1 kg of body weight of an adult amstaff depending on his fatness it is necessary 20 — 40 гр. dry feed.
you Remember
, the American Staffordshire terriers are inclined to obesity. Do not overfeed the favourite.

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