• Dec 2, 2019

in general, rules of feeding of an Australian shepherd coincide with rules of feeding other dogs. However there are features which need to be considered.

On a photo: Australian shepherd (auss)
In the childhood an Australian shepherd categorically cannot be overfed: obesity is the reason of the wrong development of a muscular corset and a skeleton.

However at the same time food of an Australian shepherd has to be balanced and full.

you can choose by
both natural feeding, and dry feeds.

Feeding of an Australian shepherd "naturalky"

the Choice of natural food for an Australian shepherd assumes the following menu:
  • Low-fat meat – the main component of a diet.
  • Fish (sea) – a phosphorus source.
  • Cottage cheese – a well of minerals and vitamins.
  • Vegetables and fruit – a source of vitamins.

Structure of a diet for an Australian shepherd

of % of the contents in a diet
Meat, meat offal
of 70%
Cereals and vegetable food
of 30%
Remember that there are products which categorically cannot give to dogs .

the Dry feed for an Australian shepherd

the Dry feed is convenient that it is not necessary to spend time for cooking, it is convenient to store and take it with itself in the road. When choosing dry feeds for an Australian shepherd be guided by age of a dog, her weight and work which she performs.
is better to choose a dry feed a premium or a superpremium class with low protein content.
Remember that in the winter the Australian shepherd needs a large amount of fats of both animal, and plant origin.
Than you fed with
an Australian shepherd, clear fresh water has to be in continuous access.

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