• Apr 3, 2020

the Correct feeding – guarantee of normal development, health and good moods of the pet. So it is extremely important to feed the kid correctly. What rules of feeding of puppies since 3 months?

 the Puppy huskies gnaws 3 months a photo toy
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Feeding of puppies since 3 months has to be balanced, full, regular.

Components of correct feedings of a puppy since 3 months:

  • Convenient bowl.
  • Necessary frequency of feeding of a puppy.
  • Correct size of portions.
  • Food of room temperature.
  • Qualitative products.

If you made the decision to feed puppy from 3 months natural products, a basis of feeding has to make meat (at least 70% of a diet). It is also possible to add fermented milk products, eggs (boiled or yolk of crude), boiled fish, vegetables, fruit and porridge.

Feeding of a puppy since 3 months 5 times a day are carried out (an interval between feedings – about 4 hours).

A portion of a forage for a puppy with 3 months should not be neither too big, nor too small. If kid leaves food in a bowl, cut down a portion. If, on the contrary, long does not depart from empty bowl also continues to lick it – it is worth increasing a portion. As a rule, at natural feeding the puppy from 3 months eats the volume of food, equal 5 its % weight.

Feeding of a puppy from 3 months can to be both a natural, and dry feed. The dry feed has to be qualitative (a premium or a superpremium class), made especially for puppies. Also be guided by the size of the kid (puppy food small, average and large breeds different). For determination of quantity of a forage be guided by instructions the producer on packing.

Remember that access to fresh clear water has to be constant and unlimited.

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