• Dec 2, 2019

the Question of feeding of the Austrian pinscher needs to be solved before the dog appears in your house. At first adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer. All changes are entered into a diet gradually.

These dogs are not choosy in food. The Austrian pinscher can be fed with "naturalka" or a dry feed.

If you chose natural food, take care of that the diet of the Austrian pinscher was full and balanced. It is possible to include in it:

  • Meat (except pork)
  • Offal
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals

If your choice – dry feeds, buy products a premium or a superpremium class. Be guided by age of a dog, level of activity and a way of life. When determining norm of feeding of the Austrian pinscher follow the recommendations of the producer on packing.

Consider that the Austrian pinschers adore eating and will not miss an opportunity to cadge something "much". Do not give in! These dogs are inclined to a set of excess weight, and it – the reason of many problems with health.

At natural feeding of the Austrian pinscher needs to add vitamin and mineral complexes. However, before buying additives, consult with the veterinarian. He will help to pick up what is necessary for your dog.

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