• Dec 11, 2019
Feeding of the Bern sennenhund — very important question, depends on it health of the pet. For feeding of the Bern sennenhund it is possible to use natural products or a dry feed. The issue of feeding needs to be resolved still before the dog appears at you. At first adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer. You enter all changes into a diet gradually.

 the Bern sennenhund in the autumn forest of a photo

On a photo: Bern sennenhund

Natural feeding of the Bern sennenhund

Natural feeding of the Bern sennenhund has to include the following products:
  1. Crude meat (low-fat beef is better, mutton or rabbit flesh is admissible) or an offal (heart, kidneys, etc.)
  2. Phil of the ocean or sea exposed to frost fish (instead of meat up to 3 times a week).
  3. Fermented milk products (low-fat): cottage cheese, curdled milk, kefir.
  4. Unsweetened fruit or vegetables: carrots, white cabbage, pumpkin, beet, vegetable marrows, cucumbers, unsweetened apples.
  5. Cereal cultures or bran as additive to a diet.
  6. Eggs: a crude yolk or boiled entirely (2 – 3 times a week on 1 piece).
Fermented milk products should not be mixed with meat, and here vegetables can be given together with meat.

the Dry feed for the Bern sennenhund

When choosing a dry feed consider age of a dog, the size and level of activity. It is worth choosing forages a premium and a superpremium class from the checked producers.

If you found
the forage suitable your dog, you should not change it without good reason.

Than you fed with
the Bern sennenhund, it always has to have an access to clear fresh water.

How many once a day to feed the Bern sennenhund?

the Number of feedings depends on age of the Bern sennenhund.

Age of the Bern sennenhund

the Number of feedings in day

of 2 - 6 months


of 6 - 10 months


10 months Are more senior than


 the Bern sennenhund of a photo On a photo: Bern sennenhund "

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