• Dec 11, 2019
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On the principles of feeding of the boxer before the puppy arrives to you on the permanent residence. Ask the manufacturer as your pet ate – and at first adhere to the same principles. All innovations have to take root extremely carefully and gradually.

 with the stopped photo ears On a photo: a dog of breed the boxer

At dogs of breed the boxer a gentle gastrointestinal tract so you should approach a question of feeding of the boxer with all responsibility.

If you prefer to feed the boxer with natural food, it is necessary to track that it contained all nutrients. Boxers are given meat and fish, eggs (a crude yolk or boiled egg), cottage cheese. Meat is given crude, boiled or half-baked. Pork cannot be given! At a boiled bird or a rabbit all bones carefully are removed. The liver, a spleen and lungs can be given in a boiled look. Fish cook.

It is possible to give rice porridge, croutons from black bread, dog ship's biscuits.

Also boxers are treated with small cut vegetables (but only not from what swells out).

The forbidden products for the boxer:

  • potatoes,
  • bean,
  • all sweet,
  • salty,
  • fat,
  • fried,
  • farinaceous food,
  • smoked,
  • waste from a table,
  • and also stale or low-quality food.

the Wrong, unbalanced feeding of the boxer can become the cause of an allergy. Therefore it is important to feed a dog with specially cooked food or carefully picked up dry feed about what the speech will go below.

Take care of vitamin and mineral additives (calcium, vitamin B is especially necessary), but before consult with the veterinarian.

The overdose of vitamins A, D and phosphorus can badly affect a condition of bones.

Some owners prefer to feed pets with a dry feed. Good ready-made feeds contain all necessary, it is convenient to store it and it is not necessary to spend time for preparation. A variety is not necessary here. On the contrary, when changing a forage frustration of a system of digestion is possible.

When choosing a forage for the boxer stop on a qualitative product (a premium or a superpremium class). Pick up it according to the size, fatness of a dog, age and level of activity.

It is better to feed a dog several times a day, in the small portions, without allowing overeating.

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