• Jan 14, 2020

Feeding of the Central Asian sheep-dog — the question important, depends on it health and wellbeing of your pet. So it is necessary to solve it still before the dog appears in your house.

 the Central Asian sheep-dog of a photo

On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

Fresh low-fat meat (beef) has to make two thirds of a diet of the Central Asian sheep-dog. Also an offal is useful: liver, kidneys, hem, lungs, udder.

Obyazatelnodavayte to a dog cartilages and crude (exclusively crude!) bones, but choose those which are not cracked on sharp splinters. But observe a measure. The surplus kosteyprivodit to a lock.

Twice a week instead of meat it is possible to give to the Central Asian sheep-dog sea fish — on volume twice more, than meat. River and lake fish are categorically inadmissible. From boiled fish all bones are removed.

Nona one meat your favourite is alive. It is worth giving also porridges (buckwheat, oat-flakes, rice) and vegetables. Vegetables are given in the raw, it is possible — with addition of vegetable oil (absolutely slightly). Carrots, cabbage, beet, vegetable marrows, pumpkin, berries and fruit and also greens are useful.

2 — 3 times a week can be given on one crude egg.

To use Syrmozhno as delicacy.

It is useful to allow a puppy to gnaw chalk or charcoal — it is useful for development of frame.

A sea cabbage — an iodine source.

Puppies are also given cod-liver oil.

Sweet, salty, greasy food, flour and starched products, pork, smoked products, tubular and fish bones, sausages, spices are inadmissible in a diet of the Central Asian sheep-dog. It is worth avoiding potatoes, bread (it is possible to give croutons from black bread).

As it is not always possible to keep such quantity of a natural forage in a stock, many prefer feeding of the Central Asian sheep-dog dry feeds.

When choosing a dry feed for the Central Asian sheep-dog be guided by its quality and also the size of a dog and a way of life. It is inadmissible to buy forages for small breeds. For calculation of a portion it is possible to address recommendations on a reverse side of packing.

Clear fresh water has to be in continuous access.

 the Central Asian sheep-dog of a photo On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

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