• Dec 5, 2019
Кормлениå английского a bulldog – a question responsible. It needs to be solved still before the puppy appears in your house.
the Power supply system of dogs differs from human therefore it is impossible to feed the English bulldog with waste from a table categorically.
you can choose by
for feeding of the English bulldog a dry feed or "naturalka".
1. The food saturated with protein has to make a basis of a diet of the English bulldog.
2. Food for the English bulldog has to be digestible and low-fat.
3. If you decided to stop on a dry feed, it still call an industrial forage , for the English bulldog it is better to choose a high-calorific forage. It consists of digestible products which do not lead to formation of fatty deposits — the English bulldogs have to be strong and powerful, but not thick.
4. When choosing a dry feed what is suitable for dogs with problem digestion is better to choose.
5. At natural feeding the English bulldog daily has to receive meat (beef, a turkey, chicken) *.

Standard daily rate of meat for a puppy of the English bulldog 59 гр on 1 kg of weight
Standard daily rate of meat for an adult English bulldog 250 гр
* Different types of meat can be mixed in one feeding only in case your pet has no allergy on any of them.
6. Meat is recommended to be given to crude, having previously small cut. It is necessary to consider features of the structure of jaws which cause difficulties with high-quality chewing of food. It is simpler to English bulldog to swallow anything, without chewing.
7. The English bulldogs are inclined to an urolithic disease therefore they cannot be fed with one meat, in a diet there have to be vegetables and porridges on water.
8. Vegetables (beet, carrots, pumpkin, cucumbers, cabbage — in moderate quantity) are given to the English bulldog daily and rasped. They can be added to meat or porridges.
9. The daily volume of all food for the English bulldog pays off, proceeding from formula 2 — 3% of the weight of a dog. That is the pet weighing 24 kg has to receive about 600 гр food in day. However everything depends on a specific dog — if your pet gets fat or grows thin, respectively, reduce or increase a portion.
10. It is the best of all to feed the English bulldog after walk that food was digested during sleep dogs.
11. Remember that the English bulldogs — those still fastidious persons. And once tries forbidden, but a tasty product , they will begin to demand it, refusing boring healthy food.
do not give in to
on provocation! If the dog does not eat (and you are sure that it is not connected with problems with health) — in 15 minutes remove a bowl. The pet is rather clever to understand that whims in this case are inappropriate — and will be forced to return to a usual diet.
12. The English bulldogs are inclined to an allergy and a dermatosis. If noticed disturbing signs, serially exclude suspicious products from a diet to reveal "responsible".

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