• Dec 24, 2019

Кормлениå западно-сибирской likes — a question responsible. It needs to be solved still before the puppy appears in your house.
 the West Siberian laika, a laika drinks water
On a photo: West Siberian laika
Feeding of the West Siberian laika in many respects submits to to the general rules of feeding of dogs . You can find detailed information on our website in the section "Life with the Pet".
However is a number of the features characteristic of representatives of this breed.
1. Feeding of the West Siberian laika has to consider features of its system of digestion. Historically these dogs got used to the monotonous concentrated food.
2. If you stopped on natural feeding the West Siberian laika, your task — it is correct to make a diet. These dogs eat meat and fish crude. 1/3 fish, 2/3 — meat has to make.
3. The portion of meat and fish in a diet of the West Siberian laika pays off as follows: 10 — 25 гр on 1 kg of weight of a dog a day, depending on the level of activity, loading, fatness, a way of life of a dog.
4. Approximate daily diet of the West Siberian laika

Meat and fish 300 гр (200 гр meat, 100 гр fishes)
Cottage cheese 100 гр
Rees (porridge) and vegetables 150 гр
Bone meal 20 гр
Fat 25 гр
5. Working dogs are fed by 3 — 4 times a day. To a pet of rather two times feeding.

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