• Aug 27, 2019
Film logical freestyle, or dances with a dog — the phenomenon rather new and not really popular so far in Belarus. We by means of our consultant Olga Krasovskaya tried to find out, what is it and how to train a dog to dance.

What is film logical freestyle?

Many confuse film logical freestyle and dog agility. However it is absolutely different types of sport which are not even crossed though one dog can show results both there, and there.

of Dog agility is overcoming obstacles while the freestyle is dances with dogs. This sport is under construction on stunt training. And when the dog is trained in a set of tricks, the owner often wants to show her abilities. It is possible to show separate tricks, and it is possible to connect everything in dance to the sound of music and to create an interesting show.

Tricks, by the way, can be useful also in everyday life. They develop intelligence of a dog, teach it to think, improve coordination, understanding of in space, improve small motility. Therefore occupations freestyle are useful to the general development of any dog.

Besides each living being works to eat, and pets we, unfortunately, often force all life to lie on a sofa, without doing anything. Personally it seems to me unfair to a dog to which we are obliged to provide full existence. And full existence for a dog is also work.

Freestyle appeared in England in the late eighties of the 20th century, and since then successfully develops around the world.

film logical freestyle is still not too widespread In Belarus, about 15 — 20 people, all of them — in Minsk are engaged in it. We prepared rules which the Belarusian film logical association adopted in April, 2017 so the freestyle is recognized in Belarus as official sport. However the question of refereeing as at a competition there have to be 3 — 7 judges is particularly acute so far, and we cannot "pull out" at least 3 athletes from a performance yet.

What methods of training are applied in film logical freestyle?

is better that for the beginning of training the dog was "blank sheet", because if before it was taught by the wrong methods, then then it is very difficult to correct everything.

Unfortunately, many trainers in Belarus still use mechanical influence in the course of training in obedience. In this case the dog has no opportunity to think, it only reacts to an irritant. Modern methods of training are based, generally on a positive reinforcement. Such approach — unique in training in freestyle.

Ya never I abuse a dog, even I do not raise the voice. Always it is possible to agree in an amicable way, at the same time all will be happy.

my first rule: "In the beginning we smile, then we begin to be engaged with a dog". You have to derive pleasure from process of occupations then at you, and at the pet it will well turn out.

Very often I use a method of shaping at which the dog itself offers various ways of solving the task and if it moves in the right direction, I encourage it. That is it is, in fact, the game "cold-it is hot" with a dog.

Earlier I was engaged in
from Hungarian vyzhly which did a unique trick. Trick, apparently, simple: the dog lies exactly, then is filled up sideways and draws in one pad, then is rolled on other side and draws in other pad. This trick looks very originally, and I did not see that someone else, except my schoolgirl, carried out similar. None of trainers famous to me know how to teach it a dog. And she offered itself, we just supported.

Is a targeting method when show to a dog the correct actions and encourage with delicacy or a toy. This method gives the bigger accuracy, without allowing the four-footed pupil to be mistaken. But at the same time the dog does not learn to think independently.

What dogs can be engaged in freestyle?

can do Freestyle any dog. There are no restrictions at all (neither on age, nor on breed, nor in physical parameters). At us both fox terriers, and a Rottweiler, and a riesenschnauzer, and Yorkshire terriers, and huskies, and representatives of other breeds are engaged. In the World Cups the pedestal was occupied by both a chihuahua, and the Newfoundland dog.

all Are trained in
, in my practice not trainees "clients" did not meet yet. It is possible to begin occupations from 1 month and even earlier.

I also did not see yet
of Dogs to whom the freestyle would be uninteresting.

As classes on freestyle are?

I do not teach
Ya a dog. I teach the owner to how to teach a dog. Occupations, generally individual though happen also group. But nevertheless the freestyle is a creative process which cannot be collective.

Usually at the beginning of training classes are given few times in a week, then it is possible to be engaged once a week or in two weeks.

As a rule, do freestyle long, happens — years. But it does not mean that all the time it is necessary to train with the instructor. Some practise independently most part of time, and with the instructor — once a month. Different options are possible, everything depends on features of a dog and desires and the owner's opportunities.

the Most widespread elements in film logical freestyle: a snake forward, a snake back, a round around the owner the rehouse and the back, the movement back per se, "hare", rising on hinder legs, somersaults, etc. However if you think up something special, it will be only plus.

As a rule, in 2 — 3 months of training it is already possible to leave in a ring and to show a simple performance. If, of course, the owner is psychologically ready to it. Very often people with pleasure are engaged, but at competitions to them to leave terrible.

As there take place film logical freestyle competitions?

In initial classes of freestyle duration of a performance makes from 1:30 to 2:15 minutes, further increases up to 4 minutes at masters.
Exist official classes ("Debut", "Progress", "Master") and informal ("Beginners", "Open", "Children", "Veterans"). They consider age of a dog and level of training. Rules of competitions can slightly differ depending on a class. We plan to use the additional class "Tricks" where the beginner without music can show abilities of the pet.

there is no
For occupations of age restrictions, however official classes are provided for dogs 12 months are more senior. On dogs 12 months are younger, besides, restrictions on tricks are imposed.

Music for freestyle can be, in principle, any, but should not contain that violence, racism, etc.

Any clothes on a dog is forbidden. Though a bow on a neck or other ornament which is not disturbing it are admissible.

Is two types of freestyle: classical dance a dog and the movement is near to the sound of music.

the Movement row to the sound of music includes a number of the main positions: "nearby — at the left", "be near — on the right", "ahead — to the right", etc. In Belarus nobody is engaged in this direction. In my opinion, there are less opportunities for creativity. Therefore classical dance with a dog is more interesting to me.

there is no
In classical dance with a dog of restrictions. It is possible to use any tricks. The only thing – they have to be safe for a dog.

the Question of refereeing in film logical freestyle is very difficult due to the lack of accurate, objective criteria (the fact that it seems to me beautiful, can not be pleasant to you) therefore and from 3 to 7 judges are necessary. At serious competitions the highest and lowest mark are thrown out. The quantity of the executed elements, their complexity, general impression, esthetics of dance, as elements fit into music is estimated. But completely objective assessment cannot be.

B open and in a novichkovy class can give to a dog of yum-yum during the performance. In official classes no encouragement on a ring is used, even indirect (for example, a clicker). Toys can be used as a requisite, but it is impossible to encourage with them a dog. However, the verbal praise is not forbidden.

the Dog can be fined for bark in a ring, the conductor is fined for any mechanical influences or intimidation of a canine friend (up to disqualification).

should not be the bad attitude towards a dog, including punishments. Respectively, use of any forcing means, such as ryvkovy chains, electrocollars, strict collars, etc. is forbidden. Everything is under construction only on a positive.

Official competitions in Belarus were not carried out yet as rules are adopted quite recently. However there took place informal competitions three times. They brought together about 12 — 13 participants. But we expect that in the future the popularity of freestyle will grow in Belarus.

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