• Feb 7, 2020
of Poisoning can be caused in dogs by various substances, beginning from poisons and finishing with stale products. Poisoning can accidentally occur or someone does deliberate harm to your canine friend.
of the Dog relatively are not legible in food and are inclined to a shakalstvo (to selection from the earth).
Also often negligent owners, considering that to a dog it will not damage, feed to pets the stale products unusable for the use to the person.
One more of the factors causing poisoning is the wrong calculation of a dosage of medicines.
to Puppies can learn the world, trying everything on tooth, and many owners, forgetting about it, leave household chemicals, cosmetics, antiseptics, medicines in free access are an important factor in poisonings too.
Are known cases of poisoning of dogs with poisonous plants.
In the modern world is widespread use of pesticides that too makes a considerable contribution to poisonings.
Also in the city carry out deratization (persecution of rodents) and if the dog is inclined to prosecution of rats or mice, it can catch the poisoned animal and get poisoned.
the shakalnichestvo remains
But the main reason for poisonings nevertheless.

poisoning Symptoms at dogs

of poisoning arise sharply and quickly accrue.
of poisoning are very characteristic: The most widespread and the general are:
  • plentiful salivation
  • muscular shiver
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • weakness
  • spasms
  • superficial rapid breathing
  • overexcitation or oppression
  • thirst
  • in blood tests increase in leukocytes is observed.

First aid at poisoning at dogs

At manifestation of clinical signs it is worth addressing the veterinarian, but before if the opportunity within several minutes is not given to bring a dog to clinic, you need to be able to give first aid. The quicker you will make it, the forecasts will be more favorable.
First that needs to be made is to remove toxic agent from an animal organism, having at once caused vomiting in a dog. For this purpose the pet needs to vypaivat a large amount of water-salt solution (1 tablespoon of salt on a glass of water).
after that it is necessary to go to clinic that the veterinarian rendered you the professional help as soon as possible.
in the absence of the immediate, correctly picked up treatment of poisoning can lead to lethal outcomes.
For the speedy recovery strictly follow instructions of the veterinarian.

Prevention of poisonings at dogs

Teach a dog not to take
food from strangers, strictly follow the summary at the use of medicinal substances.
Walk on the apartment and hide all potentially dangerous funds for height of your growth.
Be vigilant
on walking, do not lose sight of a dog, you watch that it selected nothing from the earth. If you cannot check it, use a muzzle.
is Also important to maintain health of a dog. The food allowance has to be full, contain enough minerals and vitamins. It is necessary to feed the pet with exclusively fresh products.

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