• Apr 9, 2019

It is no secret that dogs often elicit food from a table. Some owners indulge desires of the favourites, without understanding that improper feeding negatively affects health of an animal. The food safe for the person can lead to the death of a pet. It is necessary to remember the list from 10 products which categorically cannot be given to a puppy in this reason.

10 products which categorically cannot be given to a puppy

Digestive organs of animals are capable to digest only certain products. should not include such food in the pet's diet:

Harm of Chocolate for Dogs

Mushrooms Are Toxic for Dogs

Citrus for Dogs

  1. Chocolate. The theobromine which is contained in delicacy breaks work of a blood system of a puppy and can cause diarrhea.
  2. Sugar, candies . The organism of an animal is not adapted for glucose assimilation therefore the use of sweets leads to failures in functioning of digestive tract, an allergy, decrease in visual acuity and destruction of enamel of teeth.
  3. Grapes. These sweet berries contain the toxin having negative impact on kidneys of a puppy.
  4. Garlic and onions . The substances impacting to products sharp relish muffle sense of smell of a dog and lead to poisoning.
  5. Mushrooms. Toxic substances which can contain in a small amount even in edible species of mushrooms are dangerous to pets and quite often lead to anaphylactic shock.
  6. Avocado. Puppies like this fruit, but after its use they suffer from nausea and diarrhea.
  7. Cow's milk . Lactose is badly acquired even by adult individuals. It is better to give to drink to the favourite clear water or the diluted goat milk.
  8. Nuts. The majority of nuts is too heavy product for puppies and can even lead to poisoning.
  9. A citrus causes emetic desires and diarrhea.
  10. Alcohol . Some owners assume that a small amount of alcoholic drinks will not do harm to their pets. Actually alcohol is toxic for animals and can lead to a lethal outcome.

as delicacies with which it is possible to treat occasionally a dog will approach apple, green peas, boiled eggs, carrots and parsley.

the Diet of a puppy has to be balanced.

When feeding the pet it is important to be convinced by natural food that the favourite does not use the products doing harm to his health.

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