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of Nicole appeared at us accidentally – we did not plan to get a German shepherd. My mother wanted a big dog therefore everyone thumbed through announcements on the website – both about vyzhla, and about ridgebacks, and about other breeds. Found the announcement of puppies of a German shepherd and went to look. I wanted to choose other puppy, but to mother of the first Nicole came to hands.

Why the choice nevertheless fell on a German shepherd?

In the photo in the announcement of puppies there was Nicole, and it something hooked on mother.

Mother swore to me that the dog will be it that she for the pet will look after, walk. But I knew that in few months the dog will become mine. And it happened.

What pluses and minuses at a German shepherd?

I consider that the normal German shepherd has to be either the phlegmatic person, or the sanguine person, that is rather quiet. Nicole can be played only by means of a ball, and in the rest of the time she just trudges behind on walks. It at us very quiet.

From experience: And what it is clever! Catches all teams of Nicole just on the fly. And if we undertook to learn something, then in 2 days the team will be worked to the standard.

In Nicole's family loves all and demands communication from all. I will not tell that it persuasive, but if someone approaches that to stroke it, a dog will never be against: holds up a tum and lays down on a back. It is at any time ready to caress, but itself will not stick. Well, if bores it to lie on the place the whole day, Nicole can bring a toy and communicate somehow – we will stroke it, and it goes on the place again.

Nicole is very vulnerable. If she from the first does not execute the command and I will shout at it, the dog very much takes offense. And if approaches, then faded, and even can pass by.

German Shepherd with a Photo Toy

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As far as Nicole curious dog?

More likely, it the observer who shows interest from outside. If we do something, she lies on the place and observes, controls a situation. But if she sees something new on the street, then surely will approach and will smell. On the street she is much more curious, than houses.

Nicole timid or brave?

In this regard Nicole very strange.

We with it were engaged in protective guard duty, learned to react correctly to the attack, but once we went to the park where bottles for scaring away of birds hung on sticks. Wind only blew, shook these bottles – it as shuganutsya! Or, happens, someone follows us, will rustle with a package – she sharply runs forward and only then will turn back to look that it was.

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As Nicole treats other people familiar and unfamiliar?

In family it is an ideal dog! I have younger sister and the brother. The brother is 7 years old, and the sister is 2 years old. And they often stick to Nicole. Of course, we do not allow superfluous, but Nicole treats them very frostily.

From experience: The dog treats other people's children normally too. Earlier, before training, it perceived children watchfully, could begin to roar, but when we began to be engaged with it, it passed. Nicole understood how it is necessary to behave with other people, including with children. Now, if we are asked whether it is possible to stroke a dog, I speak it "is possible", gesture I show Nicole that it went to the child and allowed to stroke myself.

She also began to treat adults calmly after training. Nicole is moderately friendly. In the beginning she treats all watchfully, but then when sees that there is no danger, relaxes and allows to stroke herself. However if someone does sharp movements or to raise the voice, can begin to roar or still somehow react.

As Nicole gets on with other animals?

Except Nicole, at us there live small fishes, a chinchilla and a rabbit. They peacefully live, nobody sends anybody.

From experience: The dog appeared the first and when brought a rabbit, at once with it made friends. Now the rabbit freely moves on the apartment, and they communicate with Nicole. In the beginning Nicole was rubbed the nose in a rabbit, but we explained what cannot be done it, and now she communicates more frostily. We do not let out a chinchilla yet to run freely.

As for cats on the street, Nicole tries to run behind them, but on command "to me" is at once developed and runs back.

On the street it does not react to birds in general.

Treats other dogs of Nicole selectively. As a rule, she is sniffed with other dogs and departs – with me to her more interesting.

However, Nicole has the best friend – tiger to Cana corso Zeus. Even if she sees him from far away, then stares and all look says: well, let's already go to play!

One more friend of Nicole – huskies Jack. We together go to competitions.

As Nicole transfers loneliness?

Before training it was a problem. We left toys, limited space, but nothing helped. But once I left, she began to howl, I returned and hit her on a muzzle – since then in the apartment at us silence.

As for things, their Nicole never spoiled.

A lot of Nicole barks?

It seems to me, dogs bark much from overexcitation, but as Nicole quiet, we have no such problem. She can bark at a call to the on-door speakerphone or to a door few times and calms down. Here if someone pulls the handle, then she, of course, will bark.

What hobby at Nicole?

Nicole adores swimming! Sometimes she runs in water without demand. And here she hates washing. If to thrust her into a bathtub, she gives ears at once, does sad eyes and very clearly shows as far as to it it is uncomfortable.

The German Shepherd Looks in the Photo Camera

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As there took place Nicole's training? What you with it are engaged in?

Nicole has very good mother with stable nervous system. Therefore training took place very easily, though we began with Nicole to be engaged in 2 years.

From experience: If we work the tricks connected with big mobility, for example, jumps through a barrier it is based on a toy. If any special movements are not required, then delicacy is used.

We are engaged with Nicole every day. And when I went to courses of cynologists, we were acquainted with such sport as film logical all-round. It something like OKD, but in Belarus I do not know instructors who would accept delivery of OKD. We have film logical all-round. It is divided into the 3rd, 2nd, 1st and highest leagues, and through couple of competitions we will close the 1st place across Belarus in the 3rd league and we will go to the 2nd league where everything is a little more difficult.

Still I want to be engaged frizb. Once to us on walk gave a professional plate to play, and Nicki very much became interested.

In principle, it seems to me, for a German shepherd there is nothing impossible, she can be taught anything is a universal dog. However, I think that in the IPO dogs are necessary more mobile and holerichny – for example, the Belgian sheep-dogs or Dobermann terriers.

German Shepherd in a Photo Bandana

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How well the German shepherd copes?

If to train a dog and to learn at least basic teams, it will be an ideal dog.

We first of all learned team "Nearby", and now I can pass across the road, through parks, etc. without lead.

Nicole is How independent?

I do not know about other sheep-dogs, but Nicole is always guided by me before making the decision. She does not make independent decisions.

For example, earlier we had an awful problem – picking up from the earth. The dog ate everything that will find! And now it did not leave up to the end, but even in this case if there is a wish to pick up something, Nicole looks at me in the beginning: whether it is worth doing it?

German Shepherd in a Photo Profile

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As you feed Nicole?

Nicole eats everything that will be given. She is not choosy at all, and with appetite of problems is not present – she will eat also 3 portions if to give. Even during a disease Nicole did not refuse food.

From experience: We on natural feeding: meat, porridge, vegetables and fruit. I did not count quantity of food in day – everything is given "approximately". For the whole day she eats a big bowl with top.

In the form of encouragement with summer cheese, sausage or a dried lung is used, and in cold season we give it drying – she is ready to sell for them soul!

As you look after a German shepherd?

Nicole fades 2 times a year. The molt is strong, but comes to an end quickly. I will comb out it few times – and all. Perhaps, it because of good food. We sweep during a molt several times a day and we comb out on each walk. We use a slicker brush, still we plan to buy Furminator.

We wash Nicole after each techka and in process of pollution. once a week on average it is necessary to wash a stomach as during wet weather it collects by it a stomach.

We cut claws often. They for at first lives of Nicole at us when we did not cut off it claws, strongly grew, and we try to remove all this gradually now.

We brush teeth as required (when I see that the yellow raid – somewhere time in 2 – 3 months appears). But we also buy special bones which brush teeth.

Nicole's heat is transferred normally, and by cold season for it – paradise.

From experience: As for schooling to walking, I do not even remember how at us all this occurred. We did not wait a quarantine and began to bring a puppy to the street in 2 months. And, probably, for 3 walks it was almost completely accustomed to walking. From the fourth or fifth day it was limited unless to one pool a day, and that is extremely rare.

Now we walk Nicole 2 times a day though if there are an opportunity and desire, I can bring her and in the afternoon, but for about twenty minutes. In the morning we walk with her not less than an hour, and every time is active walks (for example, ball games). In the evening we repeat the studied teams, about 30 - 40 minutes we walk, it is possible to lie down somewhere. Hour 1.5 - 2 it walk, and almost each walk we learn new tricks and new teams.

The German Shepherd Lies a Photo

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That at German shepherds with health?

I do not know whether German shepherds have some problems with health. The only thing what I heard about - it is curve hinder legs.

Nicole has no problems with health. In a vetklinik we go to planned inoculations once a year. Once she had a gastroenteritis – probably, unsuccessfully drank from a pool.

Who, in your opinion, will suit a German shepherd?

It seems to me, as well as any dog, German shepherd will suit that who has time to take care of a dog.

Comfortably to live with a dog, it is necessary to learn at least basic teams ("To me", "Faugh", "Walk", etc.) that in any situation you could control the pet. It is necessary to go to new places because the sheep-dog needs new impressions and intellectual loading.

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