• Dec 27, 2018

Experts completed development of a "clever" lead for dogs. They constructed the SmartLeash device which at sharp breakthrough blocks promotion of a belt until the dog does not calm down and will not weaken a tension. The device is equipped with the soft insert providing additional depreciation. Thanks to it the risk of accidental traumatizing an animal is minimized.

The Lead with the

of Feature of the device

It is the first-ever lead roulette from the unique blocking patented by a system which happens in the automatic mode. When the dog begins to twitch, the silent click sounds, and the tape is fixed. The device is suitable for small, average and big breeds (up to 30 kilograms). It is issued in three options depending on the weight of an animal and length of a belt.

Features of the Device

The convenient rubberized handle of a roulette provides comfort when using of this thing. The button having two positions allows to react to unexpected circumstances in time.

One click the owner can block promotion of a thong, and the dog will not be able to move. Repeated pressing removes blocking, providing to an animal the greatest possible freedom of movement.

of Advantage of an invention

The SmartLeash belt is made of the high-strength reflecting material ensuring additional safety during evening or night walks. Besides, the device has a number of advantages:

Advantages of an Invention

  • Control . The owner will be able always to keep a situation now under the control when he goes with an animal to the street.
  • Safety . The special system of blocking will not allow a dog to break from a lead.
  • Comfort and tranquility during walking of a dog . The person can not worry now that the animal will unexpectedly jerk forward.

The lead can be used not only with adult dogs, but also with puppies. Kids quickly get used that they will not manage to escape far from the owner, and behave quietly during walks.

However it is necessary to understand that SmartLeash cannot be regarded as replacement to appropriate training.

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