• Jan 15, 2019

for what dogs take offense at people. Depends on it how strong will be friendship between the owner and his animal. Certainly, at each pet everything is individual, but there are such human habits which offend all dogs. Having ceased to make these mistakes, the loving owner will make the canine friend much more happily.

For What Dogs Can Take Offence at People

Silly dresses

The dog is not a toy. Certainly, there are pets who got used to wear clothes, but functional. For example, warm clothes and footwear in the winter. In all other cases various carnival costumes and amusing hats only cause discomfort.

For the sake of care of health it is necessary to choose plain sweaters or jackets. Most often they are bought to representatives of small breeds. In rainy weather use a boot is admissible. However the animal will suffer similar objects of clothes only under a condition if he to it was accustomed since the childhood.

Lack of a day regimen

It is very important to dogs to have the accurate schedule. The careful owner has to take care that the habitual rhythm was broken extremely seldom, otherwise the animal can have a severe stress. Widespread mistakes:

That Do Not Love a Dog

  1. If the pet does not know the exact time of walks, games and feeding, then he constantly stays in a condition of concern. It is fraught with development of a number of diseases.
  2. Dogs are gregarious animals. It is important to them to know who main in family. That it was simpler to dog to adapt in the house, it is necessary to control feeding process, allocating roles of each family member. It is necessary that the owner always ate with the first, and then fed the pet. This small, but important detail will allow to avoid a number of the conflicts and will make a dog happier.

Communication with strangers

For What the Pet Can Take Offence

Not to cause to an animal an additional stress, it is necessary to control touches of foreign people to it. Even the kindest and tender dog can unexpectedly snatch on the given hand of the stranger. To avoid unforeseen situations and not to sink the leader's position in the pet's estimation, it is necessary to refuse to strangers similar manifestations of tenderness.

The special attention is deserved by children's caress. Being very noisy, kids are capable to frighten strongly an animal, having provoked his aggression. Also it is necessary to steer clear of playgrounds.

At dogs instincts when they see the running person work. Then not to punish the favourite for natural behavior, should avoid reasonably similar places .

Pulling of a lead

the Lead is an instrument of communication , but not control. It is important to consider it, gathering for walk with the pet. Pulling and slaps a lead are capable to offend strongly a dog and even to cause reciprocal aggression. That to avoid it, it is necessary to learn to interact with the favourite correctly. during walk is impossible:

Signs that the Dog Took Offence at You

  1. to Forbid the pet to sniff at space . Sense of smell for a dog — it is all the same that sight for the person. Thanks to it she obtains the mass of information. The ban on these needs of nature is a severe stress for an animal, especially if he is also forbidden to sniff at other dogs. So the owner deprives of the pet of communication.
  2. to Pull an animal for a lead . If the dog does not obey and runs in the unnecessary party, just it is necessary to stop. Having waited when she pays attention to the person, it is possible to continue the movement. If the situation repeats, it is necessary to stop again, and then to replace the direction, forcing a dog to move nearby. For obedience it is important to encourage the pet with delicacy.
  3. is strictly forbidden to Walk the favourite only on a short lead . In this situation the animal feels danger and begins to be nervous strongly. That the dog calmed down and learned to go nearby, it is necessary to hold a distance, leaving a lead long. This gesture lets the pet know that the person has everything under control.

Loud shouts

What Can Not Be Done on Walk

When the person begins to shout loudly, the animal ceases to perceive information. Strong sounds frighten him therefore it begins to be afraid of the owner. Regular shouts on a dog can lead to the fact that she will begin to be protected. To let an animal know that he made something not so, it is necessary to speak by a strict voice. Most often it is enough to accept the indignant pose or to represent the corresponding reaction by a mimicry.

It is possible to punish the pet only in that case when it was found in the act. If to begin to rebuke the pet for the broken-off things after a while, he will understand nothing and will take offense.

Lack of attention

Sensitive Dogs

Dogs are social animals. Communication with the person — their basic requirement. In the absence of it the dog will have a stress. Being at home, it is always necessary to pay to an animal enough attention, otherwise it will demand contact by other methods, for example, damage of property.

It is important to understand if the pet began to destroy systematically any household objects is a fault of the owner.

It is necessary to revise the schedule and to add to it more outdoor games with the favourite. At the same time it is desirable to alternate intellectual activity to physical, for example, to run in the park, and then to play hide-and-seek.

In this case also large role is played by a strict daily routine. If the dog precisely knows when the owner comes back home, it will be easier for it to wait for him. That this time passed for the pet more simply, it is always necessary to leave nearby toys which he can independently play.

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