• Jan 15, 2020

Features of character of the French bulldog

the French bulldog – the devoted friend and the favourite of family. It likes human society. He has sense of humour, is clever and easily adapts in life both in the city, and in rural areas (but, certainly, not in the box and not in the open-air cage). It is unpretentious and convenient for contents even on a small living space. In vain does not bark.
 the French bulldog On a photo: The French bulldog, the owner Elena Silich
Is clever, quick-witted and playful dogs, very sociable and friendly. Courageous and active. They proved as excellent house watchmen, imposing satellites and also pleasant and benevolent partners. Representatives of breed can also perfectly hunt mice.
On character the French bulldogs are loveful dogs. They are playful and require constant attention, hard transfer loneliness.
Some owners note that in family the French bulldogs for main recognize the hostess of the house – probably, for mercantile and culinary reasons.
These dogs will suit those who want to bring the pet with average temperament, not too aggressive or excitable, not accustomed to bark furiously at the slightest pretext.
the Bulldog can pursue other dogs and cats, but it depends on temperament of a specific dog and education. However, houses they usually well get on with other animals, especially if know them since the childhood.
Are available also some difficulties in character of the French bulldog. These dogs badly swim, pokhrapyvat in a dream and can try to reach a dominant position in the house.

Character of the French bulldog in relation to children

concerning relationship of the French bulldogs with children – how many people, is so much also opinions. Some owners claim that it is a dog in whom there is no aggression at all and which with pleasure plays even with tiny children (2 years are younger). Others say that the bulldog, of course, can become a family dog, but is to him in an environment of adults far better. Like, small children can not always sustain their excessive enthusiasm, and bulldogs not always have patience.
 the French bulldog and the child On a photo: French bulldog and child
With confidence can tell that the representative of breed will get on with children of advanced age who are respectful to needs of a dog. If the small child, do not allow it to take a bulldog on hands is a heavy dog, it is easy to drop her.

the Decisive factor anyway will be how you brought up both a dog, and children. At least, at the beginning do not leave the child and a dog unguarded.

do not forget
I that it is small, but very strong dog. Small children should not walk her. It is unlikely the child will be able to hold the pet on a lead.

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