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Contrary to popular belief, the French sheep-dog is not some one breed of dog. By this term designate 14 breeds at once. One of the most popular among them is the French sheep-dog a briard which is used as a shepherd's dog.

French sheep-dog: the description of breed, feature of maintenance and leaving the Briarsky sheep-dog to Russia was delivered by
relatively recently, in the late eighties

the History of origin

This breed is removed long ago. For the first time the sheep-dog of this look is mentioned in the medieval sources dated the 12th century. But she after all differed from modern dogs of this breed. And was not called a briard. In the description it was just said that it is a sheep-dog with long rigid wool. The look, close to today's, was issued only by the end of the 19th century, then the name (it is considered that it happens from the city of Bri where especially actively bred such dogs) was entered, and the standard was adopted in 1897. It was reconsidered, and the standard adopted in 2009 works today. The National Coalition Party also adheres to it. The condition of breed is controlled by specialized clubs which exist in many countries. The main livestock of these animals is in Western Europe. The French club organizes the main exhibition, naturally. About 200 individuals participate in it.

the Briarsky sheep-dog is, first of all, a shepherd's dog . She was brought from the very beginning in order that it helped people of a mouth the cattle. Therefore such sheep-dogs are hardy, well transfer various temperature conditions, that is both a heat, and cold. It is interesting that in the years of World War I this a little amusing shaggy sheep-dog bore military service: it was used both for guard, and for transfer of ammunition on the front line.

Today excellent qualities of these animals allow to involve them and as rescuers. A briard – a dog who is officially used by the relevant divisions of civil defense of those countries in the territory of which the Alps are located (it is Germany, Austria and Italy), and sheep-dogs serve here for search of people who can be under an avalanche or under fragments of the constructions destroyed by earthquakes.

The Briarsky sheep-dog to Russia was delivered relatively recently, in the late eighties. The national briard club appeared only in 1992. Every year he holds the all-Russian exhibition at which only representatives of this breed are shown (animals, of course, are less, than on French, – up to 60 individuals). The matter is that for Russia the briard still is quite rare breed, in a year only several dung can be born.

French sheep-dog: the description of breed, feature of maintenance and leaving
the Briarsky sheep-dog is, first of all, a shepherd's dog

the Description of breed

The briard is an animal who has quite amusing, but in general very nice appearance. It differs in the impressive sizes as growth can be up to 70 cm (boughs slightly less – up to 64 cm). Characteristic sign – the long rigid wool reminding on the structure goat. the Underfur at animals small, densely adjoins to a body. The following types of a color are possible: pale-yellow, black and gray. Standards of breed allow a two-color color. But it have to be not spots, and soft transition. And here the white color is a sign that the animal will be discarded.

Still stopped to rather recently briarsky sheep-dog ears. But animal activists launched the whole campaign against such procedure, changes at the legislative level were accepted, and today knocking over in the majority of the countries is forbidden. At least, in the EU the ban is observed strictly, any French manufacturer will not risk to break it. In Russia there is no similar ban so ears stop to the majority of animals.

In spite of the fact that a briard – breed of dog rather large, they differ in a certain grace. It is enough to look at their elastic and light step reminding cat's. And during run they gather good speed and run easily, from outside can even seem that the briard does not touch the earth.

These sheep-dogs have quite cheerful and good-natured (and somewhat even playful) character. They easily and quickly study new though can go obstinate. But in general qualities of these animals allow to use them in different types of film logical sport.

of Feature of briards (video)

Character of a shaggy sheep-dog

Puppies of a briard differ in cheerful nature, and it remains also at adult age. Though the teenage period at these dogs proceeds also difficult, as well as at the person when teenagers test the parents for durability. Representatives of this breed are engaged in the same and if to give them such chance, they will try to achieve leadership. It cannot be allowed at all. But in the majority of situations of a dog it after all outgrow and further do not bring trouble.

It is very emotional dogs, who are capable of selfless devotion and fidelity to the owner. They will be beautiful partners, but only for those people who prefer to lead active lifestyle. Lying on a sofa does not suit briards. They need constant physical activities, and quite intensive, and long walks.

These shaggy sheep-dogs need human attention all the time and badly transfer deficiency of communication. It is amusing to watch these dogs on walk as they constantly control that all who left to walk together with it did not get lost.

French sheep-dog: description of breed, feature of maintenance and leaving

Briarsky sheep-dogs very much love sport. They can swim for hours in the river or the lake together with the owner and with pleasure to play a ball. And if to give them the chance, then and behind bicycle will run about.

It is interesting that representatives of this breed are perfectly trained. But these dogs are not inclined to execute commands thoughtlessly. Usually some time before the dog considers everything is required. At the same time representatives of breed are inclined not to execute commands if it is somehow connected with violence.

The dog will demand from the owner attention, patience and persistence. To dominate it will not turn out, it is necessary to look for common language only. Many experts emphasize that socialization is very important for this dog. The communication wide range, the it will be better to concern both children, and adults.

French sheep-dog: description of breed, feature of maintenance and leaving

How to look after a briard

The most difficult is a combing and care of wool in general. The breed has no seasonal molt so at least it will not be necessary to clean furniture and carpets from wool. It does not mean that dogs do not fade at all. Their wool requires constant attention and carrying out a regular grooming, and it is desirable at the expert familiar with standards of breed.

These sheep-dogs need to be combed daily. the Procedure rather labor-consuming, it can take about 2 hours (however if to look after wool in due form, perhaps, it will be possible to cope quicker). If participation of a dog in exhibitions is not planned, then it is possible to address the expert that that truncated wool. It will facilitate life to both animal owners, and the sheep-dog. To the groomer of a dog it is necessary to drive time in 1.5-2 months.

Bathe briards usually in process of pollution, but at least once a month. It is interesting that wet hair of these animals smells of damp sheep wool. The dog who lives in a country house should be bathed often, and also to check for existence of a tick.

An important point is care of ears, eyes and small pillows of paws as in this case there is an opportunity to prevent appearance of an infection in a pet.

French sheep-dog: description of breed, feature of maintenance and leaving

Feeding of sheep-dogs

These rather large dogs demand a large number of food especially as they lead enough active lifestyle. A lot of things depend on what since the childhood the owner will accustom to. But in general animals are rather unpretentious and eat both a ready-made dry feed, and natural food from a master's table with pleasure.

In hot season the physical activity of a dog slightly decreases . About it it is necessary to remember and recalculate diet caloric content for the purpose of reduction, and the amount of proteins has to decrease too. And here the content of vitamin E needs to be increased. For ensuring other needs of an animal during this period it can give peanut butter and yeast.

The lack of food at once affects external data as the condition of wool worsens. That not to allow it, it is necessary to include sea fish in an animal diet (only she needs to be touched carefully that there were no bones), various grain in a boiled look (rice, porridge, buckwheat), fruit and vegetables (except for potatoes, cabbage and some types of greens). The animal has to receive boiled eggs twice a week. It is necessary to give also lactic products. And here meat in a diet has to make not less than a half from the total amount of food, except for pork which under a ban. Smoked products and sausages too are not put by this animal. And here rye bread, seafood, vegetable oil, various sunflower seeds and nutlets – both it is possible, and it is necessary to provide an organism to all necessary.

Contrary to popular belief, salt in a diet has to be. And here sugar is excluded in any kind unless it is fruit sugar, present at apples.

the kindest breeds of dog (video)

Characteristic diseases

Though it is very hardy dogs, they, as well as other thoroughbred animals, received the whole bunch of diseases over time. The most characteristic of them is the dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint – a hereditary disease which is suffered by about 20% of representatives of this breed.

Occurs among other diseases заворот a stomach, shown in short wind, frequent emetic desires and some other symptoms with which it is necessary to address the veterinarian immediately. Briards have also problems with sight. Generally it is a night blindness or an atrophy of a retina. The last arises usually with age, is not treated and comes to an end with total loss of sight. Fortunately, it happens not so often.

Also diseases of a thyroid gland which symptoms are the molt, drowsiness, apathy are characteristic. Also problems with skin can begin. As a rule, they well respond to treatment.

In rare instances there are oncological diseases from which the most widespread is the limfosarkoma.

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