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also call the Hungarian vyzhla the Hungarian gun dog. To Halle we had a dog of breed the Tyrolean marriage which lived 17 years. So it is possible to tell that I grew up with dogs. When Jessica died, we could not live without loyal friend and took Halle.
Hungarian Left a Photo
On a photo: Hungarian there was Halle

Breed quite rare. Why you chose Hungarian vyzhla?

our first dog, Jessica, was red and sleek-haired, and we very much liked its color. And when after her death I saw the same red dog once, was struck: can be, it it? And at once began to look for where it is possible to buy such dog. In Minsk on their sale was not, and I went for a puppy to Kiev.

What character at the Hungarian vyzhla?

consists in very close contact with the owner. Even not to walk in spite of the fact that it is very mobile, vigorous dog, she always monitors where the owner. That is it is always necessary to be in its field of vision. If you hide for a tree (we so did), it it becomes instant in a rack and at once begins to look for. Where you left, it will always be near. These are very devoted dogs.
Hungarian Left
On a photo: Hungarian there was Halle
But at the same time prevail hunting blood. We got Halle more than once from the lake where she jumped for a duck. We in family have no hunters, and nobody taught it to it, but since the childhood she is able to become in a rack and when she sees production, begins to creep. We went to Moscow on courses, Halle has a working diploma in a blood trace, and we were told that without preparation she earned the highest mark. So all of us plan to give it the chance to realize hunting potential.
From experience: Halle by the nature the bad security guard as she is madly loveful. It brings everyone who comes to us slippers (and does not matter that slippers do not approach), boots, gloves – it is ready to give everything that is in the house. This is madly kind dog, but at the same time on drunk reacts aggressively (begins to grumble or to bark terribly).
Barks Halle rather loudly, but is rare. Most often it it is not heard.
Venregskaya Left in the Fall
On a photo: Hungarian there was Halle
alone Halle very much misses. Even if you leave for 2 minutes, she meets so as if she awfully missed. We made a mistake that when Halle was a puppy (we took it in the spring), spent with it 24 hours a day. And when to us came it is time to come to work, the dog was shocked: we were always together, you cannot throw me! Now she, of course, reconciled though she still longs, misses and dreams that we were always near.
the Best friend of Halle – a beagle of Beymaks. When two of them, nobody is necessary to them. But in general she adores all dogs, big and small, cats, children … all who somehow can play with it. It does not provoke the first fight if it is lifted up, is ready to fight back, but these are isolated cases. And so – she cannot almost be enraged.
Hungarian Left Also a Beagle
On a photo: Hungarian left also a beagle

it is difficult to train the Hungarian vyzhla?

We with Halle passed OKD. I did not expect that we will pass it because it seemed to me that it is a dog from the category "in one ear flew, from another took off". Nevertheless, we passed test. And we have the corresponding certificate. It very much helps with life – the word of the owner for it has weight.
Hungarian Left Lies
On a photo: Hungarian there was Halle
And OKD are not just to pass nearby. This set of difficult situations: cyclists, crowd of people, cars, etc. For example, one of tests was to leave a dog at a door and to enter the building, and at this time different people approached Halle and tried to cause in it some reaction. But she sat and looked at a door, more nothing for it existed.
We are also engaged in a kursing (run for a mechanical hare). Halle very much is pleasant, for her it is an opportunity "to merge" the energy which is saved up in a week.
From experience: Halle is based on toys. Delicacy is good, but the toy is better. Madly it is pleasant to it when play with it.
On a 10-mark scale Hungarian left gives in to training as it seems to me, on 8. She is very clever, capable, likes to work, is not tired and executes commands with a bang.
Hungarian Left Runs
On a photo: Hungarian there was Halle

How to feed the Hungarian vyzhla?

the Hungarian vyzhla – the gluttons capable to swallow everything that badly lies.
From experience: When we took Halle, she did not bark. And "гав" we heard the first when she very much wanted to look that such attractive lies there, is high on a table. Then Halle began to grow and understood that she can walk language on a table edge. She knows what from a table cannot be taken – and will not take. But at least to smell or lick – from it she cannot keep.
Halle has a sister about whom we say that at it "incontinence of language". Everything that can be sliznut, it surely sliznt!
Eats with Halle all. It at us on natural food (beef, porridges, vegetables, fruit, cottage cheese). But most of all dog loves a boiled udder – for it Halle is ready for everything.
Hungarian Left in the Winter
On a photo: Hungarian there was Halle

it is easy to look after the Hungarian vyzhly?

Ya the allergic person therefore chose sleek-haired dog. Besides, we read that wool of the Hungarian vyzhla is hypoallergenic. And actually, when Halle fades, at her is allocated very little hypodermic fat (probably, all of you saw this white dandruff). I do not react to Halle's wool in any way.
Hungarian Left under a Plaid
On a photo: Hungarian there was Halle
of Wool in the house is not enough, both in the period of a molt, and in usual time. We comb out Halle a usual rubber brush – to comb few times enough.
we wash with
it about 1 time in 3 months.
From experience: It is possible to tell that Hungarian left – a dog who does not demand leaving at all. Even at exhibitions all preparation is that I few times take a damp rag on a back – and the dog is ready to an exit.
But here ears require special attention. As they trailing, in them moisture gathers, and they need to be cleaned rather often.
very much loves heat. She sleeps, having got under a blanket with the head, and nothing should not stick out: neither tail, nor paw. And so in any weather, even in +30. If we kindle a fireplace, it lies directly near fire. Therefore when on the street about-7, we put on it overalls.
of Dirt of Halle is not afraid. If it plays in the forest, then will be completely in dirt. But if we leave to walk in slushy, foggy weather, and the dog has no mood, it can elegantly bypass a pool.
From experience: Hungarian left demands rather long walking. The option "leave on the affairs-and home" will not be suitable for it. We walk with Halle 2 – 3 times a day, and evening walking – for about 2 hours.
Hungarian Left Runs
On a photo: Hungarian there was Halle

What owner is necessary to the Hungarian vyzhla?

Main – loving. These are madly friendly dogs who sincerely adore the owner. You look in her face and you understand that you are necessary to someone.
Hungarian Left with a Toy
On a photo: Hungarian there was Halle
the Owner of the Hungarian vyzhla should not be aggressive. If to show aggression in relation to this dog or to press, it is at once closed. Here hardness is not necessary, it is possible just to relax and derive pleasure from communication.
is necessary to the Hungarian vyzhla the active owner who loves walks on the woods and on fields. In this case it will be happy.
Hungarian Left on the Lake
On a photo: Hungarian there was Halle
of the Photo from personal archive of Aleksandra Sobanina

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