• Mar 23, 2020

Often owners, especially not too skilled and beginning for the first time to be engaged with a dog, ask: "From what teams it is necessary to begin to train puppy?"

 the Puppy of a Labrador on hands a close up of a photo
of the Photo: flickr.com

As a rule, training of a puppy begins with the following commands:

  • To sit.
  • To stand.
  • To lie.
  • To me.
  • Give.
  • Place.

However you do not hurry to demand from puppy of all and at once! Remember that before beginning to teach a puppy to concrete to teams, it is necessary to create base:

  1. To teach to play the pet (if he not too willingly does it). A game – irreplaceable "tool" in training of a puppy. Without it process of training of a puppy will be if not impossible, at least, very difficult.
  2. To teach the kid to switch attention. There are special games and exercises which will help you to train a puppy of this knowledge.
  3. To train puppy to self-checking exercises and ability to behave in paws. Otherwise to the kid it will be extremely difficult to cope with a set of temptations of ours of it amazing world!

Do not forget also that training of a puppy plays only in a form games and has to be connected only with pleasant emotions. Remember that almost each forbidding team (for example, "Faugh") it is possible to replace with team to action (for example, "To me").

About how to bring up and train a puppy by exclusively humane methods in playful way, you learn, having used our videocourse "Obedient Puppy without Efforts".

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