• Feb 7, 2020

the general rules of feeding of dogs which each owner has to know Exist.

  1. At first adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer. All changes are entered into a diet gradually and accurately. The old forage is gradually replaced new, as a rule, within a week. At the same time attentively monitor reaction of an organism of a dog.
  2. Feed a dog in at one time in one place. The bowl is removed in 15 minutes after the beginning of feeding even if there was a food. Unfinished food is thrown out.
  3. the Forage has to be warm (not cold and not hot).
  4. Water (fresh, clean) has to be in continuous access. It is necessary to change it at least 2 times a day.
  5. Balance of a diet.
  6. Right choice of a forage. Consider a way of life of a dog ("sofa" or exhibition), mobility (quiet or active). Food of adult dogs also differs from food of puppies. Depending on it the players of a forage are changed.
  7. the Puppy eats more often than an adult dog. Adult dogs most often adhere to two times food.
  8. Observance of rules of hygiene: the food is cooked from fresh, qualitative products. The forage needs to be stored correctly. The bowl for food is washed after each feeding.
  9. you Watch a state and health of a dog. If she is active, cheerful, moderately well-fed, wool shines, there are no problems with health, so you feed her correctly.

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