• Jan 30, 2020

Features of nature of a golden retriever

Thanks to benevolent and appeasable character, golden retrievers deserved popularity practically worldwide as some of the best dogs partners. These are extraordinary affectionate, focused on the person and almost deprived aggressions of a dog.

Pluses of nature of a golden retriever:

  • Playfulness.
  • Obedience.
  • Goodwill.
  • Accuracy.
  • Ingenuity.

the Golden retriever – an excellent family dog who friendly treats all people. These dogs are obedient and thinly catch changes in mood of the owner so are deprived of persistence.

the Golden retriever will also become the excellent partner for the active person, the fan of foot walks. These dogs adore floating and diving. They are also rather playful and with pleasure will take part in all entertainments.

Golden retrievers are peaceful and well get on with animals, including other dogs and cats.

train golden retrievers perfectly so the breed will suit also the beginner.

However the golden retriever will suit nevertheless not everyone.

If you very busy person also cannot find
for a dog enough time, this breed not for you – the boredom and loneliness are contraindicated to a golden retriever, otherwise he will begin to show destructive behavior.

If to you needs a dog bodyguard or the watchman, the golden retriever will also not approach – aggression is not peculiar to them, and they joyfully welcome all strangers.

the Nature of a golden retriever in relation to children

Golden retrievers are very popular as dogs for families with children. Thanks to gentle and friendly character they perfectly get on with all family members and will not offend even absolutely small child. Besides they are playful and with pleasure will take part in children's entertainments.

However to you needs to teach the child to treat carefully a dog, not to hurt, not to disturb during sleep and feedings. If the dog not very well feels or just wants a privacy, she has to have an opportunity to avoid importunate attention from the child.

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