• Jan 30, 2020

As a rule, at young age golden retrievers are ill seldom, and here at advanced age they are subject to a number of diseases. There are diseases to which golden retrievers are predisposed more, than to others.

  1. Zavorot of guts.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Epilepsy.
  4. Dermatitis.
  5. Atopiya.
  6. Throat paralysis.
  7. Dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint.
  8. Lymphoma or limfosarkoma.
  9. Gipoterioz.
  10. Mastotsitoma.
  11. Food allergy.
  12. Melanoma.
  13. Aorta stenosis.
  14. Hot spots or crude eczema.
  15. Razlizanny granuloma.
  16. Glaucoma.
  17. Entropion or заворот century.
  18. eye retina Atrophy (progressive form).
  19. Cataract.
  20. Distikhiaz or additional eyelashes.
  21. cornea Ulceration.

you watch closely health and behavior of a golden retriever. If you saw the guarding symptoms (slackness, apathy, disorders of digestion, vomiting, temperature increase, lameness, etc.), as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

Besides, it is worth addressing at least once a year in a vetklinik for performing routine inspections of a golden retriever.

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