• Jan 30, 2020

There is a version that the history of breed the golden retriever originates from the circus dogs who arrived to Great Britain. However this version was defeated utterly later.

 the Golden retriever sits a photo

On a photo: golden retriever. Photo:

Officially the history of breed the golden retriever originates in the fifties the 19th centuries in the English county of Ivernesshire where lord Tvidmaut was engaged in cultivation of these dogs. The lord created the breeding book in which since 1835 he wrote down all knittings and the been born puppies. Now records are stored by Kennel Klub.

Several breeds were ancestors of a golden retriever: Labrador, flat-coated retriever, water spaniel and Irish setter.

In 1909 8 golden retrievers, and in 1910 – already 18 participated in the Crufts exhibition. But most important year in the history of breed the golden retriever became 1913 – Klub of golden retrievers was based and bases of the first standard of breed are accepted. Then golden retrievers were recognized Kennel by club as the independent breed which received the name "Golden or Yellow Retriever".

at the beginning of the history of breed golden retrievers were quite dark, however decades later dogs began to brighten, and now it is possible to see golden retrievers of almost white color.

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