• Jan 30, 2020

Care of a golden retriever has a number of features which need to be considered.

the Golden retriever can adapt to life both in a country house, and in the city apartment. The main thing for it – attention of the owner and his company. The loneliness badly influences mentality of a retriever. However, this dog does not choose one owner, she equally loves all family members so she is an excellent family dog.

the Important part of care of a golden retriever – schooling of a dog to a day regimen and also to hygienic procedures. Regularly (at least 1 time a week) examine ears of the pet and if necessary you clean them. Daily examine eyes of a golden retriever and if it is necessary, wash out them.

care of teeth of a golden retriever Is important – they need to be cleaned by means of special tooth puppies and pastes for dogs.

As required cut off to the pet claws the special nail clipper.

Wash a golden retriever on average 3 times a year or in case of pollution. Use dogs shampoo which does not dry skin.

One of the most labor-consuming components of care of a golden retriever – care of beautiful wool. Every day comb a dog that wool did not sputyvatsya. If a dog exhibition, she has to be cut.

the Correct care of a golden retriever is inconceivable without active walks (at least 2 hours a day) and competently organized physical activity. The golden retriever willingly plays outdoor games.

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