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Golden retriever: standard of breed of FCI No. 111 (29.01.1999)


Great Britain




Group 8. Retrievers, spaniels and water dogs.
Section 1. Retrievers.


With tests of working qualities.

 retrievers at a photo exhibition

On a photo: golden retrievers at an exhibition. Photo:

GENERAL VIEW: Harmonious, balanced, vigorous, powerful, with uniform motions strong with a kind look.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: Obedient, clever, having congenital tendency to work kind, friendly and self-assured.

HEAD: Balanced and well outlined.

CRANIAL PART: The cranium wide without roughness is well put on a neck.

Transition from a forehead to a muzzle: It is well expressed.


Nose lobe: Preferably black.

Muzzle: Massive, wide and deep. Length of shchipets is approximately equal to length of a cranial part.

Jaws and teeth: Jaws are strong, with perfect, correct and completely nozhnitseobrazny bite, i.e. upper teeth densely block the lower teeth and stand perpendicular to jaws.

EYES: Dark brown, are widely put, with a dark fringing.

EARS: Average size, are put approximately at the level of eyes.

NECK: Good length, dry and brawny.

BLOCK: Balanced.

Back: Flat line of top.

Waist: Strong, brawny, shortly brought down.

Breast: Deep in heart. Edges are deep, well svodisty.

TAIL: It is put and remains at the back level, reaches skakatelny joints, without hook on the end.


FRONT PART: Front legs direct, with good frame.

Shoulders: Equal length with shovels, extremities are well located under the case.

Lokotki: Are directed strictly back.

BACK PART: Hind legs strong and brawny.

Knees: With well expressed corners of joints.

Shins: Good.

Insteps: Short, direct at a look behind, are not twisted and are not turned out.

PAWS: Roundish, cat's.

MOVEMENTS: Powerful, with a good push. Rectilinear and correct both in front, and behind. A step wide and free, without signs of caracole of a front part.


WOOL: Direct or wavy, with well developed tows, a dense, waterproof underfur.

COLOUR: Any shade golden and red or pale-yellow, neither red, nor colors of mahogany. Some white hairs on a breast are admissible.


Height in withers: Dogs of 56 - 61 cm (22 – 24 inch.),

boughs of 51 - 56 cm (20 – 22 inch.).

DEFECTS: Any deviation from the above-stated points has to be considered as a shortcoming or defect depending on expressiveness degree.

NOTE: Dogs have to have two obviously normal testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.

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