• Jan 30, 2020

of Feature of training of a golden retriever

Training of a golden retriever, as a rule, is easy and pleasant occupation with which even the inexperienced owner can cope. However there are features which need to be considered.

  1. the Golden retriever needs a large amount of attention. If the dog feels unnecessary and thrown, she will show destructive behavior.
  2. the Golden retriever – not the slave, but the full member of family so you are respectful to it. If for you a dog – decoration of an interior or a being who has no rights the dog can become stubborn and gloomy and refuse to obey you.
  3. the Golden retriever – rather large and active dog so he needs physical activities, and to you should keep a dog the company, going to long active walks in any weather.
  4. These dogs adore bringing objects so surely include aportirovka elements in training of a golden retriever.

Rules of training of a golden retriever

Training of a golden retriever will be more smooth if to follow the simple rules:

  1. Education and training of a puppy of a golden retriever begin on the same day as it appeared in your house.
  2. All occupations with a puppy of a golden retriever are held only in a game.
  3. do not tire the pet. Stop occupation before the dog is tired. 2 – 3 times a day 5 minutes, than once a week for 2 hours are better to be engaged.
  4. the Best method of training of a golden retriever – a positive reinforcement. These are obedient and bright dogs who are always glad to please the owner, and the roughness concerning a retriever is unacceptable. If in training of a golden retriever something is impossible, first of all look for the reason in yourself.

If you are going to hunt with a golden retriever, it is better to address for council the cynologist who knows features of breed and has experience of training of hunting dogs.

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