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The description of a greykhaund is reflected in the official standard of breed.

Description of a greykhaund and FCI No. 158 standard (03.06.1998)


Great Britain




Group 10. Borzois.
Section 3. Short-haired borzois.


Without tests of working qualities.

 Couple of greykhaund run on photo sand

On a photo: greykhaunda. Photo: maxpixel.net

GENERAL VIEW. Strong, a big format, muscular power and the symmetric building, the head and a neck extended, very highly put faultlessly slanting shoulders, a deep breast, a spacious block, a svodisty waist, the powerful back, healthy legs and paws and flexibility of all members — all this emphasizes special type and properties of a greykhaund in noticeable degree.

BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT. Having surprising firmness and endurance. Clever, mild, affectionate and balanced.

HEAD. Extended, moderately wide.

CRANIUM. Flat skull. Transition from a forehead to a muzzle: Weak.

FRONT PART. Muzzle: Jaws powerful are also well outlined.

Jaws and teeth: Jaws are strong, with perfect, correct and completely nozhnitseobrazny bite, i.e. upper teeth densely block lower and stand perpendicular to jaws.

EYES. Bright, clever, oval and in a slanting section. Preferably dark.

EARS. are small, raised on a cartilage, a thin cloth.

NECK. Long and brawny, elegantly convex, well enters shoulders.

BLOCK. A back (from withers to jobbers): Quite long, wide and rectangular.

Waist: Powerful, slightly convex.

Breast: Deep and spacious, providing the corresponding space for heart. Edges are deep, well svodisty and are taken away back.

Groin: With the expressed blasting.

TAIL. Long, it is put quite low, strong in the basis, narrowed by the end, keeps low, it is slightly bent.


FRONT PART. Front legs long and direct, bony. Elbows, pyast and fingers do not deviate neither inside, nor outside.

Shoulders: Slanting, are well delayed back, brawny without load, narrow and are accurately outlined above.

Lokotki: Not connected are also well put under shoulders. Pyasti: Average length, slightly elastic.

BACK PART. A block with back extremities large-size and well balanced, lands allow to occupy in a rack the big space.

Hips and shins: Wide and brawny, showing huge driving force. Knees: Are well bent.

Insteps: Short, are not rejected neither inside, nor outside.

PAWS of Average length, in a lump, well svodisty fingers and strong small pillows.

MOVEMENTS Rectilinear, creeping, free, wide, giving the chance to move at a huge speed. Hind legs are brought under a block to make a strong push.

SHIRT: WOOL. Thin and dense.

COLOUR. Black, white, red, blue, murugy, pale-yellow, tiger or skewbald or spotty with any of these flowers.

GROWTH of a greykhaund. Ideal height in withers: dogs of 71 - 76 cm (28 – 30 inches), boughs of 68 - 71 cm (27 – 28 inches).

DEFECTS Any deviation from the above-stated points has to be regarded as a shortcoming or defect depending on expressiveness degree.

The NOTE Dogs have to have two obviously normal testicles which are completely lowered in a scrotum.


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