• Jan 28, 2020

Leaving and the maintenance of a greykhaund have features which need to be considered.

Care of wool of a greykhaund not too difficult, as it short and rigid. Periodically (approximately once a week) wipe the pet with a rubber glove or a dry towel to save from dead wool. Besides, thanks to massage by means of a rubber brush, there will be a stimulation of sebaceous glands and release of fat which will make wool of a greykhaund steady against bad weather. By the way, because of it it is not recommended to bathe often a greykhaund not to delete a protective layer of "fatty lubricant".

Bathe greykhaund in case of pollution. For washing choose special shampoo.

the Correct leaving and the maintenance of a greykhaund assumes care of teeth, on teeth of these dogs the stone is often formed. Periodically you brush the pet's teeth by means of special paste and a toothbrush.

you Watch a condition of claws of a greykhaund and as required cut off them the special nail clipper. If claws are too long, the dog can begin to limp.

Every day examine eyes and ears of a greykhaund and if necessary you clean by means of a wadded disk on which special means or water is applied.

In cold season of a greykhaund is recommended to be dressed.

the Important part of the correct leaving for greykhaundy – active and long walks (not less than 2 hours a day, but the more the better).

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On a photo: грейхаунд. Photo: instagram.com/explore/tags/грейхаунды

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