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Greykhaund – the fastest dog in the world who is capable to gather speed to 70 km/h.

 Greykhaund of a photo

On a photo: грейхаунд. Photo: instagram.com/kennel_ketlin

Greykhaund: description of breed

The extended body of these dogs is covered by gentle and short wool therefore they are very sensitive to cold.

Character at greykhaund quiet and intelligent. However if you got a greykhaund, you should build the life so that to provide to the pet fair physical activities.

Also you remember that these dogs are given birth to pursue everything that moves therefore to lower them from a lead on walk where it is possible to meet other animals (for example, hens or cats) extremely it is not recommended. Besides, they quite often chase moving cars that can be very risky hobby. And that грейхаунд did not hunt other pets, it is worth taking care of early socialization.

The name "Greykhaund" was chosen by the best-known bus company of the USA.

Excessive bark
Relation with children
Aggression to other dogs
Information on breed
Country of origin Great Britain
of Use of breed Fleet
Life expectancy of 12 — 14 years
Growth in withers of 68 — 76 cm
Weight of 27 — 32 kg
Special attention Pursue small animals
Physical activity Intensive

Nature of a greykhaund

Features of nature of a greykhaund

Main traits of character of a greykhaund: obedience, not fastidiousness, softness and steadiness. These are friendly dogs who will never begin to bark in vain.

Pluses of nature of a greykhaund:

  • Affection.
  • Patience.
  • Restraint in relation to strangers, but without aggression.
  • Quiet behavior in the house.
  • Activity and inquisitiveness on walks.
  • Ability to coexist peacefully with other dogs.

Minuses of nature of a greykhaund:

  • the Hunting instinct at them is developed very strongly so greykhaunda adore pursuing moving objects and can hunt the small animals including living in the same family. Therefore грейхаунд extremely needs early socialization.

The puppy of a greykhaund is very curious and ready to stick the nose in any hole so do not leave unguarded valuable things and objects, dangerous to a dog. Kids, besides, gush forth energy, however by 1.5 years, as a rule, become quieter.

Opinion that all borzois possess to explosive temperaments in relation to a greykhaund – no more than the myth. Houses these dogs behave imposingly and even вяловато that does not match their distinguished sports constitution.

Greykhaunda quite quietly can transfer loneliness, do not cause damage to house property, and will just sleep, having curled up on a sofa. However, they sleep the most part of days. Certainly, provided that you provide long active walks.

On walk of a greykhaund it is better to drive on a lead. First, it can pursue small animals, and even moving transport that is extremely risky. And secondly, грейхаунд can easily be fond, escape and not come back home any more.

 Greykhaund in a photo rack

On a photo: грейхаунд. Photo: instagram.com/dogs_in_the_ring

Greykhaund perfectly gives in to education and training so even the beginner can train this dog. At the same time the nature of a greykhaund successfully combines sociability and not persistence. But consider that the roughness in communication with these dogs is absolutely unacceptable.

Greykhaunda on character are delicate and do not bark in vain. In relation to people they have no aggression so as security guards and bodyguards these dogs will definitely not approach. However, they often concern strangers a little watchfully.

Greykhaund perfectly to get on with other dogs living in the same family. Therefore sometimes owners get several greykhaund at once.

Many consider peaceful, unostentatious greykhaund ideal partners.

the Nature of a greykhaund in relation to children

In general, greykhaunda, thanks to gentle disposition, are tolerant to children. However they differ in sensitivity, and you should control the child that he did not offend a canine friend. And though the nature of a greykhaund does not differ in serious flashes of aggression, excessive persistence or roughness the dog will not begin to suffer.

Never allow children to treat roughly a dog, to disturb her at meal time or a dream. Do not leave a dog alone with the child. And very seriously think before taking a greykhaund in family with children of preschool age.

Training of a greykhaund

Education and training of a greykhaund can do even to the beginner. The only thing that needs to be remembered always – the roughness in education and training of a greykhaund is unacceptable and can cost much to you, having destroyed contact with a dog.

Do not apply physical punishments at all and do not shout at a greykhaund!

The main method of education and training of a greykhaund – a positive reinforcement (a praise, a game, delicacy). All classes are only in a game.

 the fastest грейхаунд photo

On a photo: грейхаунд. Photo: instagram.com/firstdogfriends

Consider that грейхаунд – not a guard dog. Yes, you without effort train it in good manners and receive the excellent partner, however, to hit qualifying standards for obedience, it is necessary to work fairly – and, generally to you to find a way to motivate the pet. Greykhaunda can master the general course of training, succeed in search service, participate in dog agility competitions.

you Remember: if грейхаунд does not obey, so or you insufficiently clear explained what from it is required, or it was bored by occupations. Do not tire a dog. It is better to be engaged several times a day 5 – 10 minutes, than once a week several hours in a row.

If you feel that you by own efforts do not cope, address the instructor. However if the cynologist demands that you roughly treated the pet or showed though some violence, it is better to look for other expert.

If you want that yours грейхаунд was engaged in a kursing (a race for a mechanical hare) or a racing (movement in a circle), it is possible to start specialized trainings not earlier, than the puppy will be 8 months old.

Feeding of a greykhaund

Feeding of a greykhaund has a number of features which need to be considered by drawing up a diet.

  • the Stomach of a greykhaund has the small volume so portions have to be small.
  • So far грейхаунд grows, it is important that in a diet there was at enough animal protein which is necessary for the correct formation of ligaments and muscles. For a dog the best meat – low-fat beef. Pork cannot be given.
  • When feeding a greykhaund do not forget also about suppliers of energy – carbohydrates and fats. Carbohydrates can be as digestible (starch) and trudnousvoyaemy (cellulose). Cellulose stimulates functioning of intestines, and starch gives energy. The main sources of carbohydrates when feeding a greykhaunda are vegetables, fruit and grain.
  • do not forget about vitamins and minerals. However, before buying additives to a diet, it is worth consulting to the veterinarian that is necessary for your greykhaund.
  • you can choose a dry feed or natural products for feeding of a greykhaund – everything depends on your preferences. When choosing a dry feed it is worth being guided by products a premium or a superpremium class. When feeding a greykhaund as "naturalka" choose fresh, qualitative products.
  • is found In some greykhaund food allergy. In this case it is worth excluding one products from a diet to understand what components cause an allergy.
the Number of feedings of a greykhaund depends on age of a dog:
Age of a greykhaund
the Number of feedings in day
2 – 4 months
of 4 - 6 months
of 6 - 12 months
 Black грейхаунд photo

On a photo: грейхаунд. Photo: instagram.com/greyhound_bagira

Health of a greykhaund

As a rule, health of a greykhaund is not alarming at the owner. Average life expectancy of a greykhaund usually makes 12 – 14 years.

The scourge of other large breeds – a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints not often meets at greykhaund. However there are diseases to which greykhaunda are predisposed more, than to others.

  • Osteosarkoma (cancer of bones). If the dog began to limp, as soon as possible address the veterinarian!
  • Gipoterioz.
  • Rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Sensitivity to anesthesia and other medications. Any drugs are given to a greykhaund only to destination the veterinarian!
Attentively watch mood and health of the pet. If you notice at a greykhaund frightening symptoms (slackness, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and other problems of digestion, concern, the complicated movements or lameness), as soon as possible address the veterinarian in time to reveal a disease and to begin competent treatment.

Showing consideration for health of a dog, you will be able to keep health of a greykhaund and for many years to get the joy of communication with the pet.

Greykhaund: leaving and maintenance

Leaving and the maintenance of a greykhaund have features which need to be considered.

Care of wool of a greykhaund not too difficult, as it short and rigid. Periodically (approximately once a week) wipe the pet with a rubber glove or a dry towel to save from dead wool. Besides, thanks to massage by means of a rubber brush, there will be a stimulation of sebaceous glands and release of fat which will make wool of a greykhaund steady against bad weather. By the way, because of it it is not recommended to bathe often a greykhaund not to delete a protective layer of "fatty lubricant".

Bathe greykhaund in case of pollution. For washing choose special shampoo.

The correct leaving and the maintenance of a greykhaund assumes care of teeth, on teeth of these dogs the stone is often formed. Periodically you brush the pet's teeth by means of special paste and a toothbrush.

You watch a condition of claws of a greykhaund and as required cut off them the special nail clipper. If claws are too long, the dog can begin to limp.

Every day examine eyes and ears of a greykhaund and if necessary you clean by means of a wadded disk on which special means or water is applied.

In cold season of a greykhaund is recommended to be dressed.

An important part of the correct leaving for greykhaundy – active and long walks (not less than 2 hours a day, but the more the better).

 Greykhaund costs a photo

On a photo: грейхаунд. Photo: instagram.com/explore/tags/грейхаунды

Puppies of a greykhaund: how to choose

In general, for the choice of a puppy of a greykhaund the same rules, as for the choice of a puppy of any other breed are fair. However there are features which need to be considered.

First of all, the puppy has to be healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to fatness, lack of symptoms of diseases (the inflated stomach, lameness, slackness, allocations from eyes or a nose, a crust or a sore on skin, high temples, etc.). Healthy puppy of a greykhaund active, playful and sociable, curious.

The choice of a puppy of a greykhaund depends on your purposes. If you choose the sprinter, be guided by age of 12 - 13 months as at this time high-speed qualities can already be estimated.

If you need future star of exhibitions, it is worth stopping on more tyazhelokostny puppy of the extended format. Surely pay attention to how parents look and what success they achieved at exhibitions. However, all this all the same will not give a guarantee that you receive future champion.

If to you it is necessary грейхаунд for hunting, choose a puppy from working parents. Such greykhaunda hardy and dexterous. But consider that at these dogs you will not manage to muffle a hunting instinct, and the rage to other animals will be the annex to your pet.

Remember that грейхаунд – a large dog who very quickly grows in the first year of life. And these dogs unevenly grow and from time to time remind ugly ducklings. The main thing at the same time – not to panic and just to wait, and soon your clumsy puppy will become elegant handsome.

In height грейхаунд grows up to 15 months.

Well-known greykhaunda

Greykhaunda in books

Greykhaund Joe – one of numerous pets of Siegfried Farnon, the character of a series of books James Herriot "The veterinarian's notes".

The problem of destruction and a pristroystvo of the greykhaund which became unsuitable for races rises in detectives Patricians Kornuell (for example, "A black tag").

The saved greykhaunda are published in the book by J. Katz "A dog, love and family".

Also greykhaunda are mentioned on pages of books of D. Tobias "The new boy", J. Dale "The knight of a shaggy image", J. Mai "He, she and is a dog"

Famous owners of greykhaund

It agrees one of legends, грейхаунд Peritas was Alexander of Macedon's favourite. The dog accompanied the owner during military campaigns, and during one of them died, protecting the owner – a dog the elephant crushed. In honor of the pet Alexander Makendonsky gave the name to the city of Perit founded by it.

Greykhaund as trademark

The name "Greykhaund" was chosen by the best-known bus company of the USA.


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