• Dec 3, 2019

As breed still very young, researches on health American to the bull were not conducted yet. Therefore it is difficult to tell to what diseases these dogs are predisposed.

American to the Bull of a Photo

On a photo: American to the bull

in general can still tell that American to the bull — long-livers among dogs of the same size. Average life expectancy American to the bull — 9 — 13 years. Special leaving American to the bull does not demand a target=.

You watch mood and health of the pet. If saw frightening symptoms (slackness, loss of appetite, disorder of digestion, lameness, etc.), as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

Remember that often it is better to prevent a disease, than to treat complications. Therefore do not forget about planned vaccination and timely processing American to the bull from parasites. Attentively you watch over health puppies American to the bull .

American to the Bull on a Photo Carpet On a photo: American the bull
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