• Dec 10, 2019
Health of a basenji , as a rule, does not inspire fears. Basenjis in general are strong and healthy dogs, however there are diseases to which they are predisposed.
Basenji of a Photo On a photo: The basenji Sometimes is diagnosed by
for puppies of a basenji Fankoni's syndrome. During a disease the renal failure leading to a lethal outcome develops. The disease is incurable.

At some age dogs develops a cataract or the progressing retina atrophy.
Is rare, but congenital anomalies — a koloboma of an optic nerve and a pupillary membrane meet.
At a basenji quite gentle digestive tract therefore inflammatory process or infection with helminths can lead to an enteropatiya with protein loss. So if at a dog vomiting or a diarrhea, especially with blood begins, at once run to the veterinarian.
Meets at a basenji an urolithic disease (more often at dogs). It is fraught with long, but usually simple treatment.
Representatives of some lines of a basenji are genetically predisposed to deficiency of a pyruvatekinase and hypertrophic gastritis. Illnesses are incurable, however the supporting therapy can provide to a dog normal life.
Because of anatomic features at some individuals can be observed inguinal or umbilical hernias. The only way of treatment — operation.
It is necessary to watch behavior and health of a basenji. If you noticed suspicious symptoms (slackness, apathy, lack of appetite, etc.), as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

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