• Dec 10, 2019
Basset hounds, in general, healthy and hardy dogs. However there are pedigree diseases about which it is necessary to know.
Puppy of a Basset Hound Three-colored
is Bolezn von Willebrandta a hereditary disease, violation of coagulability of blood.

Basset hounds are predisposed to development of glaucoma.

Can happen заворот a stomach, and at any age. If it occurred, immediately ask for the help.

meets At puppies a pan-osteitis (temporary lameness). The exact reasons and ways of treatment are not known yet. The main danger – incorrectly made diagnosis and unnecessary operation as many veterinarians are not informed on this illness. As a rule, by 2 years the dog outgrows a disease, but there are also hard cases. The most reliable diagnostics – X-ray.

Because of the big size of paws basset hounds often suffer from fungal infections and interdigital cysts.

Long ears – the reason of development in a basset hound of external otitis. Prevention consists in regular cleaning of ears.

Also to meet at basset hounds an allergy, generally on a grass.

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