• Dec 11, 2019
Health of a beagle usually does not inspire fears. The beagle – quite hardy and healthy dog, however and he is not insured from some illnesses.
Dog of Breed Beagle of a Photo On a photo: beagle
of Feature of a constitution can create a problem with intervertebral disks so it is extremely important to protect the pet from jumps from considerable height. Hernia of intervertebral disks causes pain, and sometimes – paralysis. It is most often treated – conservatively or by means of operation. The main thing – not to tighten on a visit to the veterinarian.

the Beagle can suffer from hereditary epilepsy. She is not treated, but the supporting therapy facilitates a condition of a dog.
As well as at all dogs with long trailing ears, at beagles happen otitises or ear infections. Your task – it is regular to examine and clean to the pet ears.
Occasionally meet glaucoma, a cataract, diabetes, deafness, гипотериоз and any new growths. As a rule, these diseases are observed at elderly beagles. Therefore dogs are more senior than 5 years have to look round regularly the veterinarian – for prevention.
the Wrong feeding is fraught with obesity of a beagle. Responsibility of owners – it is correct to make a diet, not to give in to an imploring look of the pet at all and not to share with it pieces from a table.

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