• Dec 11, 2019
Bichons a frieze concern dogs long-livers, and at good and correct leaving live up to 15 years.
Bichon Photo Frieze
On a photo: bichon frieze
Nevertheless, is diseases to which representatives of breed are subject more, than to others. These are allergies, epilepsy, dermatitis, diabetes, an urolithic disease, a cataract, заворот a century, cornea dystrophy, atlanto-axial instability (congenital pathology of a spine column), patella dislocation, гипотерихиоз (wool loss).
If you noticed the disturbing symptoms (slackness, loss of appetite, lameness, disorder of digestion, etc.), it is worth consulting as soon as possible with the veterinarian. It is simpler to prevent a disease, than to cure complications.

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