• Dec 18, 2019

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On a photo: griffon

meets At griffons shortening of the top alveolar shoot of a jaw. Symptoms: the put-out tongue, the wrong development of the sky, a strong vystupaniye of the lower cutters.

Sometimes are shown crevices of a front part of a skull. It is hereditary anomaly, fortunately, quite rare, it is combined with a lip crevice, splitting of a jaw, a crevice in one or both nasal openings.
At a stenosis of a nasal cavity a dog snuffles and groans at breath after physical activities, worries as the received air is not enough.

Quite often meets at griffons a syndrome of "the return sneezing". At overexcitation the dog has an attack of noisy breath, to a convulsive breath and strong wavy raisings of edges. Can seem that the pet just about will choke. As a rule, attack duration — about 15 seconds. Then it passes.

griffons can have an incomplete set of teeth. Besides because of features of the structure of a jaw they very quickly form a scale that leads to periodontosis. Teeth need to be brushed regularly.

the Weak point of a griffin — a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints. The dog feels pain, limps. Improper feeding and injuries from falling or jumps can aggravate a disease.
the Problem of many little dogs — patella dislocation. Arthritis can become result.

Prominent eyes of griffons are subject to irritation and scratches. If eyes of the pet reddened or itch, address the veterinarian.
Representatives of breed are inclined to an allergy. Symptoms: itch, constant licking of paws.
If you noticed any frightening signs, it is worth addressing the veterinarian immediately.

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